iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review

Does iTrack GPS Car Tracker Really Work? Read Our Report

Whether you own one or more personal cars or you are a business owner who manages a fleet of vehicles, your valuable investment has to be properly protected at all times. Thanks to advances in car tracking technology over the last years, the latest vehicle GPS trackers allow you to know many important data related to your car or fleet, not simply the location.

The innovative iTrack GPS Car Tracker incorporates several advanced features, but does it really work? Find out all the details you need from our special, unbiased report below.

What Is iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

Designed with multi-functionality and versatility in mind, iTrack GPS car tracker is a cutting-edge onboard diagnostic (OBD) vehicle tracking device. It's loaded with high-tech features including route, itinerary and car location tracking in real time, speed monitoring, instant alerts and many more, that provide you with up-to-date vehicle information for your peace of mind. With iTrack, you will have access to your car/fleet data in real time, so you can rest assured that your investment is optimally protected at all times.

The iTrack device easily plugs into your vehicle's diagnostic port and all real-time information will be accessible on your smartphone in a accurate and secure manner. All you need is a SIM card with a data plan and all you have to do is download the free GPS car tracking App on either Google Play or App Store, create an account and then connect the device to the app.

This innovative tracking device works with any car from 1996 onwards. If your car is stolen or taken without your permission, tracking its location has never been easier and faster than with the use of the iTrack device.

Why Do I Need iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

Any car or fleet owner should consider installing the cutting-edge iTrack vehicle GPS tracking system for their own good. This intelligent GPS car tracker is designed to take the security of your car or fleet to the next level, by facilitating access to real-time secure data. In addition, it also give you access to historical data, including your vehicle's route, speed, stops, as well as the driver's behavior, which is extremely important for fleet management.

As a fleet owner, you will therefore be able to identify any potential issues before they occur and even calculate fuel consumption per vehicle, which allows you to save money and improve productivity. Moreover, you can reap additional benefits, such as improved customer service and employee management, safer driving and enhanced car safety, which also allows for significant car insurance reductions.

As a personal car owner, you will be able to sleep better at night knowing that iTrack GPS car tracker has got your car's location and security perfectly covered, in the event of a theft.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Main Features and Advantages

-iTrack offers vehicle security and monitoring at your fingertips, enabling you to know in real time the location of your car/fleet for your peace of mind

-A one-size-fits-all device, iTrack is easy to install in your car's diagnostic port, works with Android and iPhone, and with all cars from 1996 onwards

-Track in real time the location of your car ( if it has been moved from its parking space/stolen/borrowed) and monitor your driving patterns/habits

-Sleep with peace of mind knowing iTrack has got your car's safety covered and get instantly alerted should your car move without your permission

-iTrack is reliable, discreet, low-cost, versatile, delivers real-time data and stats, including itinerary, speed, driver behavior in the palm of your hand

-For fleet owners, iTrack helps improve productivity, customer service, administration and employee management, while reducing costs and insurance.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Rating and Recommendation

We tested iTrack to see for ourselves if it really works and makes a difference with respect to a vehicle's safety, real-time location and security. For our test, we installed the advanced iTrack GPS car tracker in our editors' cars, simply by plugging this device into their cars' onboard diagnostic port, connected the device to the app we downloaded for free and then proceeded with "stealing" their cars (for test purposes only).

Our editors had to harness the power of the iTrack device to locate their cars, which were taken to different areas both in and outside the city, without revealing their cars' location to them. To their surprise, all the editors that participated in our test were able to immediately locate their "stolen" cars in real time on their smartphones with the aid of this innovative device. Furthermore, they were able to see their car's route, speed and driver behavior, for their peace of mind. We thus fully recommend the OBD iTrack device to any discerning car or fleet owner who wants to ensure their car(s)' security at any time.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Reviews

Both customer and expert reviews of this advanced car GPS tracking device unanimously agree that iTrack is a life-changing device that efficiently keeps track of your vehicle. They say it comes in handy if you park your car out of sight or you forget where you've parked it, if you tend to share your car with your friends/family members or if they borrow it without you knowing about it, and of course, in cases of car theft.

Additionally, fleet owners say that iTrack is a really efficient, money-saving solution for their company cars. Their drivers are more productive and the insurance company gives them some serious discounts. It also provides parents of new drivers with peace of mind, as they can see where their children are in real time and their route history.

Where Can I Order iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

If you don't want to have to worry about the security of your car or vehicle ever again, you can order the high-tech iTrack GPS car tracker directly from the manufacturer's official website. For a limited time only, customers can benefit from a whopping 50% discount and free shipping on every order, in addition to exclusive, amazing deals.

These include the uber-popular package "Buy 3, Get 2 iTrack Free", the best-value package "Buy 4, Get 4 iTrack Free!", which is recommended for fleet owners, as well as the best-selling "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" package. All the devices in any of these are individually packaged, for easy gifting to your family members and friends.

Supplier of the Product

The intelligent iTrack GPS car tracking device is supplied by the expert manufacturer in this field of technology, Hyper SlsFor any questions or more details about iTrack, feel free to get in touch with their dedicated customer support team via email at or by phone at +44 20 3808 9234, which is available 24/7.