Forensic Chemist

Tina Hoang

Job Description

A forensic chemists examine evidence that were found at the crime scenes. They also examine drugs or controlled substance that were taken from the scenes to identify materials.

Work Conditions

Forensic chemists work in a laboratory. They either stand or sit all day. Most of their task are repeated everyday. They must be able to work efficiently while making sure that the results are accurate. They are always being pressure from law enforcement personnel.


A beginning forensic chemist makes about $58,100 annually. For like any jobs, the more hours you have and the longer you been having the career, you can earn a salary of $83,000.

Education Requirements

A forensic chemist requires a bachelor's degree. Recommended majoring in a scientific field or in chemistry. Some courses in biology, math, calculus, and English are also recommended. Some forensic science jobs require an advanced degree. Forensic chemist often report to police and testify in court. Which means having a communication skill is a good use.

Education Spotlight

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