Natural Gas

A Non-Renewable Resource

Formation of Natural Gas

Natural Gas is formed in the same manner as Oil. It take HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of years to form natural gas. Dead plants and animals (also known as ORGANIC matter) are buried deep in the Earth's surface. Over time this organic matter is buried deeper and deeper because there are layers of mud and rock that build up on it. As this matter get buried deeper and deeper the temperature rises and there is A LOT of pressure.

The bubbles that are formed in this process is Natural Gas. Let's think of Legos…

With pressure we are able to put Legos together (I push them together). As we build up with Legos that would be the formation of oil. Now as we play with Legos, your little brother or sister take some Legos and then drop them by our tower (oil)… the Legos that are dropped are like Natural Gas.

Characteristics of Natural Gas

  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Shapeless
  • After it is processed, a rotten egg smell is added to it for safety

Uses of Natural Gas