7th Grade Party

By Kyla Thompson

Burger Bonanza

Equation - y=10x+20

Independent Variable- Students

Dependent Variable-Cost

To complete the table, I used the equation, and plugged in numbers. For example, 570=10(55)+20.

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Pizza Palace

Equation- y=9.25x+61.25

Independent Variable: Students

Dependent Variable: Cost

To complete this table I did the same thing, I plugged in numbers into the equation.

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Critical Thinking


1.) Once I figured out what the x and y variables were, I plugged it into this equation: y=kx+b.

k is the ROC and b is the y-intercept

2.) Yes. If you have 55 students for both companies it will cost $570. If you solve for x using your equations - 10x+20=9.25x+61.25. Then you can solve for x which is 55.

You cannot have a decimal or fraction as your answer because you can't have half of a student.

3.) For Burger Bonanza you can have 98 people if you have a budget of $1000. 10(98)+20=1000

For Pizza Palace you can have 105 students with a budget of $1000. 9.25(105)+61.25=991

You cannot have a fraction or decimal as your answer because you cannot have 98.3333 of a student.

Proposed Plan: The point of intersection is (55,570). If you need less than 55 people, you should hire Burger Bonanza. But if you have more than 55 students, you should hire Pizza Palace.

Hoppin' Around

Equation- y=54x+84

Independent Variable-Hours

Dependent Variable-Cost

To complete the table I plugged in the x value into the equation to solve for y.

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Jumpin' Jacks

Equation- y=75

Independent Variable- Hours

Dependent Variable- Cost

I plugged in the x value into the equation and solved for y. Then completed the table.

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Critical Thinking


1.) I found the x and y values, then I plugged them into y=kxtb

2.)The point of intersection is (4,300). I got that because in the table it shows you that after 4 hours it would cost $300.

3.)For Hoppin’ Around, after 10 hours it would cost $750, as you can see in the table. But for Jumpin’ Jacks , after 12 hours you would have to pay $732.

Proposed Plan: If you need to rent the bounce house for 4 hours or less, you should rent from Hoppin’ Around. But if you need it higher than 4 hours, you should rent from Jumpin’ Jacks.