About Dylan

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Skills and intrests

My best skills are in athletics I do wrestling and football. Im good at school too. Some of my interests are being a NFL player or Olympic Wrestler. I would consider these things because I could make money off of them and love doing it.

Where Am I Going

My career as a football player will be dictated by how I train. As a sports competitor you'll go to tournaments and activities. The annual salary for this job is $40,060. The job outlook is faster than average. The cluster it is in is hospitality and tourism. The work schedule is pretty busy. The work enviorment is up tempo and hard work. Something interesting about my career is that I can make money and have fun doing it.

How Do I Get There

I would like to go to Arkansas University in Fayettville, Arkansas. I would like to go there for their football program. I will need a high school diploma. It is $260.59 per hour at Arkansas University. I hope I get a bachelor's degree. This is close to home.