Jesmond Public School

Jesmond Journal Term 3 Week 8, 6th September 2022

Principal's Message

Welcome to Week 8 Jesmond Public School!

Father's Day Breakfast

Last week, we celebrated Father's Day. Our breakfast was a hit!!! It was so lovely to welcome the dads, granddads, uncles and other family members into the school and acknowledge the respect and love your children have for you all! It was clear to me that Jesmond Public School is certainly the hub of the community. Thank you for joining us to say Happy Father's Day.

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School Administration and Support Staff. Our Jobs...Your Children... Their Future...

The school community would like to thank and acknowledge the efforts of our wonderful SASS staff. It is SASS Recognition Week. The Administration team, General Assistant and School Learning Support Officers (SLSO) make a very valuable contribution to the teaching, learning, and leading of Jesmond Public School. We are so fortunate to work with such caring and committed people. Thank you!

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Three-Way Conferences

For booking of conference times, please use the QR Code below or go to For further instructions, you can use the parent note sent home last week or the following link to our parent notes on the website. Bookings will close Friday 9th September.

Parent Note - Three-way Conferences

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Stage 3 Overnight Excursion

On Friday, Stage 3 were lucky enough to attend their overnight excursion. During the day we started by visiting Revolution at Maryville. Our students enjoyed jumping around on the several trampolines and diving into the fall pit. We bumped and kicked during bubble soccer and channelled our inner Michael Jordan by dunking the basketball on the trampoline courts.

Our second visit for the day was to the Newcastle Museum. We attended a show on how Newcastle became renowned for its production of steel and the important things that steel was used to make. Our students then were privileged to attend an interactive show about volcanoes and earthquakes with a Geologist. We discovered more about volcanoes and earthquakes through the experiments we saw and participated in.

Finally, we came back to school for our sleepover. We started our evening with a fun game show called ‘Minute to Win It’, where our students had a minute to complete various fun challenges. We ate lots of pizza, ice cream and lollies and washed it down with soft drink in our own school hall before a game of spotlight. We finished our evening with a movie in bed after an exhausting day. The teachers then cooked pancakes for breakfast before we went home.

The behaviour of our Stage 3 children throughout the day was exemplary and demonstrated how fantastic Jesmond Public School is. It was a privilege for the teachers to be able to do this excursion with our students and we look forward to the next one.

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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism Education

With your support, we do the very best we can to ensure culturally inclusive, cohesive, safe and engaging learning experiences for all our students. If at any time you find that you have a concern about racism in our school, you are encouraged to come to the school and talk with a member of staff so that your concern can be resolved. The NSW Department of Education has a Complaints Handling Policy to ensure that complaints are handled fairly. In the case of complaints relating to racism in schools, you can also contact the school Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) on telephone 4957 2605 or via email

An Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) is a teacher nominated by the principal who assists in leading anti-racism education in the school. The ARCO assists the principal by providing:

  • support to build staff understanding of the impact of racism on student learning and wellbeing
  • advice to students and staff on how to respond when they see or hear incidents of racism
  • advice on what strategies the school can implement to address racism.

A factsheet providing parents and carers with information about the Anti-Racism Policy and the role of the Anti-Racism Contact Officer is available in other languages by following the link below:

Check-In Assessment

This week, Year 6 students will participate in the Check-in Assessment. The Check-in Assessment is a NSW Department of Education online literacy and numeracy assessment available to support schools to assess and monitor student learning.

The assessment can supplement existing school practices to identify how students are performing in literacy and numeracy and to help teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs.

Year 6 students complete a reading assessment, writing assessment and a numeracy assessment.

Students in Years 3, 4 and 5 will complete Check-in Assessments in Term 4.

Tell Them From Me Survey

Could you spare a few moments to assist our School Community? Would you like to congratulate us on how well we are doing, or offer suggestions on how we can do better?

Well, we have some great news! Our ‘Tell Them From Me’ parent survey is now open. This survey is confidential and provides our school community with the rich data we need to achieve positive and practical change within our school.

We would appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey, as your feedback will assist our students, and our school community, to be our best selves.

The new survey closing date is Thursday 3rd November 2022. Please use the link below:

K-2 Australian Reptile Park Excursion

In Term 4, students in K-2 have the exciting opportunity to attend the ‘Lively Life Cycles’ exhibition at the Australian Reptile Park. This excursion will allow students to engage their new understanding of animal life cycles to observe all types of amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles. The exhibition will focus on the features of living things, their environment and how they change and reproduce. Students will be immersed in the different habitats and life cycles of their favourite reptiles!

Please return full payment and signed permission notes to school by the end of this term, Friday 23rd September.

Kindergarten Enrolments

Jesmond Public School is taking enrolments for Kindergarten 2023. Informing the school over the next few weeks allows the school to plan for staffing, etc. If you have a child ready to start school next year, or know someone who does, please let the Administration Office know as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting any new students!

Regional Athletics

Congratulations to Scarlett and Abdul who both qualified to represent the Newcastle City Zone PSSA team in Shot Put.

Scarlett attended the Hunter Primary Athletics Championship in Glendale two weeks ago and did her very best, in the pouring rain. We are very proud to have had two Jesmond students on the representative athletics team, well done!

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Have a great week!

Deborah Kelly

K-6 Assembly Awards


Merit Awards

Konco, Lily, Annie

Gold Award



Merit Awards

Dina, Idriss, Joey, Aya

Reading Awards



Merit Awards

Mohammad Shuhaib, Enayatullah, Safa, Mahdis, Ifrah

Gold Awards

Enayatullah, Ifrah


Merit Awards

Hafsa, Emersyn, Sadvee, Asghar, Sana

Gold Award



Merit Awards

Isobel, Abdul, James, Ali, Samiulhaq, Benji


Merit Awards

Amelia, Hala, Elite, Jett

Reading Awards


Gold Award



Merit Awards

Lama, Calais, Maya, Mona, Ali R, Ali M

Gold Award

Mariea, Hunter

Superstar Award



Merit Awards

Zaynab, Hamish, Ershad, Taha, Nepomuscene

Reading Award


Gold Awards

Ataullah, Ershad


Merit Awards

Rhyan, Knox, Naiab, Mohamed, Parsa, Zoya

Gold Awards

Raabia, Marwa

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Friday 9th September - Junior Spelling Bee Finals

Junior Spelling Bee Finals will be held online from 9:30am - 11:30am.

Friday 9th September - Senior Spelling Bee Finals

Senior Spelling Bee Finals will be held online from 12:30pm - 2:30pm.

Wednesday 14th September - K/1OU Pizza Picnic

K/1OU will be holding their Pizza Picnic at Jesmond Park from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Friday 23rd September - K-2 Australian Reptile Park Excursion payment due

Friday 23rd September - Last Day of Term 3


Monday 10th October - Students and Staff return to school

Wednesday 12th October - P&C Meeting

Wednesday 19th October - K-2 Australian Reptile Park Excursion


Monday 21st November - Friday 2nd December

Year 2 Swim Scheme

Community News

Primary Wind Ensemble

Are you a student who would like to play with other musicians in a primary Wind Ensemble? A new combined schools Primary Wind Ensemble is forming, and you are invited to join!

The ensemble will target talent development for students from Years 4 to 6 that have a minimum of 12 months of lessons and are familiar with the workings of their instruments. It will also include selected gifted musicians, from Year 6 to act as leaders and mentors for each section of the ensemble.

The students will meet twice a term to rehearse as an ensemble at the Newcastle Conservatorium. The first rehearsal is Friday 9 September and then continue twice a term from Term 4 with a performance for parents. This would then continue in 2023 with a performance planned at the end of each semester. There will be a small cost of $15 for each rehearsal / $30 per term.

If you are interested, please apply to join the Primary Wind Ensemble via the 2022 online application and consent forms. Further information is also on the Primary Wind Ensemble Arts Unit webpage.

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