Kelsey Rodriguez

Introduce Yourself Assignment

Yo soy Boricua...

I was born in Puerto Rico. When I was four, I moved to upstate New York (where it's almost nothing but farms, not near the city), and recently moved back to Puerto Rico when I was 16.
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I'm majoring in Environmental Engineering

...because, why not help the environment and everyone within it?

How I view Excel

I chose to become a part of Excel because there were really no negative effects. I applied thinking that the benefits could only help promote my education.

From what I've read and experienced so far, I believe Excel will help me succeed in my first year of college because it will help provide a network of like- minded people with various potential opportunities; a resource of many that will assist with questions about the STEM field, will be studying similar objectives, and will help me focus and continue on what I want to major in.

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A unique fact about me.

I was an Irish dancer for 10 years. I would have continued but I had to quit in Puerto Rico as there are no Irish dance academies on the island.
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