Give Us Our Straws!!

stop forgetting our straws

i hate it when you go through the drive-through of a fast food place and they forget to give you a straw!! then you have to take off the lid, which will cause you to spill a little bit and then every time you want to get a drink you have to take your time and make sure that the sweet tea from McDonalds doesn't get all over your brand new Nike shirt! when you're driving you want as least amount of distractions as possible so you can focus on the road, but since you have to take off the lid and try not to spill any and try not to spill it on your shirt as you take a drink. so basically what im trying to say, is that if people from the fast food places just didnt forget to give us the straws we rightfully deserve, there would be alot less straw-based accidents on the road.