About Me


Why I Would Be a Good Friend

I would be a good friend because I am dependable. I am also a trustworthy person. I know when to be honest to my friends.

What I like to do in my spare time

In my spare time I like to play basketball, listen to music, and play my Xbox One.

What I look Like

I have brown hair, stormy grey eyes, and freckles.

What qualities I want in my friends

I want my friends to be respectful, honest, and trustworthy.

My birthday

My birthday is on June 23, my favorite cake is chocolate cake, and my favorite ice cream is chocolate ice cream.

What I like to do

I enjoy playing sports with my friends and sometimes I play them alone.
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My favorite video game

My favorite video game is Fallout 4.
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Favorite Music Artist/Group

My favorite musical artist is Ice Cube. My favorite music group is Metallica.
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Favorite Vacation Spot

My favorite vacation spot is Branson.
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Favorite Food

My favorite food is tacos.
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3 places I like to go

I like to go to Branson, the mall, and I like going hockey practice and my hockey games.