Alejandra Oliveros

Setting Goals

Academic Goals: Go to college to achieve me goals.

Athletic Goals: The athletic goals I want to achieve is to play soccer.

Personal Goals: The personal goal I have in mind is to get an apartment not relaying on my parents meaning I worked for it and I achieved it.


Teachers/Coaches: Mrs. MGawin, Mr. Jezowski, Ms. Carpenter

Relatives: My parents, Mario-borther, Memo-cousin, Maricela-sister

Friends: Lizbeth, Arissa, Cytlhaly, Maria, Betsy, Princess, Kelsey, Michelle, Irvin, Daniel, Moises

Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: I would have to study and focus in the things I have to do, no matter how hard or complicating the things are.

Education/Training Plan: I would need to keep my mind focus so I can learn what I need to learn in college.

Plan for Acquiring Needed Skills: I would need to ask for help if I need help in any class I have trouble with or study hard.

Plan for Study and Practice: I would need to study and believe that I can achieve my classes and know that I can be someone.

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: I would probably not be an expert at soccer so I must try.

Family Obstacles: I would need to ask for permission and my parents support.

School Obstacles: I would probably get a lot of homework.

Financial Obstacles: I would need to get a job to pay any bills or my college attempt.