Fox Valley Humane Association

Stopping animal abuse one day at a time!


Animals are abused every day in the Fox Valley. The Fox Valley Humane Association has been working day after day at trying to stop this. This association strives to help these animals by caring for them and curing them when they come in abused or sick. All money that is donated is used for food, shelter, and veterinarians to help care for these animals. Did you know that 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters each year, much of that is because of animals being


No matter how hard it is for the FVHA to care for these animals they still try their best to make sure that no animal need in the Fox Valley goes unmet.

What they are currently doing:

Statistics about animal abuse

Studies show that 2.7 million shelter animals are euthanized each year because of sickness. If these animals aren't treated this happens more and more because they don't get the proper treatment they need. Thanks to the Fox Valley Humane Association there was a 39% decrease in animals being euthanized in the Fox Valley. 9% were dogs and 91% were cats. Research shows that only about 649,000 strays return to their owners each year. Out of the 7.6 million that are put into homes, that's not a lot.

Long Term Effects of Animal Abuse

The most common long-term effect of animal abuse is the animal being abused doesn't trust anyone anymore. That makes it extremely hard for the FVHA to care for these animals and get them adopted into a safe loving home. Another long term effect is animals tend to get very skinny to the point of being on the verge of death. They also vomit all the time, and when they don't have any more food to vomit they puke up stomach acid. One interesting long-term effect on the person abusing the animal is if a child was to abuse an animal, later when they grow up, they are highly likely to become a murderer or cereal killer. Finally, the most horrible long term effect of animal abuse is death or having to put down the animal.


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