Like you never seen it before

Nile River

There are many things to do here like bungee jumping and river rafting. The Nile river is the world's largest river. It is 4,160 miles long starting from the Mediterranean Sea. The river flows through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zaire. BUt that's just a few of the interesting things about the Nile and you can learn them all by coming and visiting it yourself.

Sahara Desert

When you go to Africa visiting the Sahara Desert is a must. The Sahara Desert is the worlds largest deserts. Its 3,500,00 square miles. Regions sand dunes cover 15% of the Sahara.

While your there take a half hour camel ride and see old villages. Also see local wild life and abandon temples.


This beautiful island is the fourth largest island. What makes Madagascar so great is its located in the Indian Ocean. So there will be many things to do while your there. It also is separated from East Africa by the Mozambique channel.

The island is gorgeous a lot of wild life and tours around the island. There are petting zoos and boat rides.

Atlantic Ocean

This ocean is marvelous because it connected to 12 other bodies of water. This ocean is the second largest ocean. With that comes a lot of activities like snorkeling, ocean tours, and even shark cages.