A Cell is Like a Mid-Evil City.

Gavin Konschak

A Cell is Like a Mid-Evil City because...

The wall around the city is like the cell membrane.

The wall around the city protects its people and castle inside of it. A cell membrane protects the cell from things that may be harmful that wants to get in the cell and protects it from intruders.
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The Castle Is Like the Nucleus.

The castle is like the nucleus because it controls the center of city just like how the nucleus controls the cell. The castle is where all the decisions are made.
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The city roads are like the endoplasmic reticulum.

Roads are the transport system which allows materials to be carried throughout the city. The ER is a transport system that carries materials throughout the cell.
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The King is lie the Chromosomes.

The king is found in the castle, he directs all activities in the city including expansion and creation of another kingdom should the city grow too large. Chromosomes are found in the nucleus and directs all activities and tells the cell to grow and reproduce by carrying out genetic information.
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The Garden is like the Cell's Mitochondria.

The gardens provide energy to the people by producing food just like the mitochondria. The mitochondria produces ATP or energy to the cell.
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The horse drawn wagons are like the cell's lysosomes.

The wagons travel around the city collecting peoples garbage and fixing up what needs to be repaired. The lysosomes move around the cell cleaning up and doing cell maintenance.
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