Security Manager

By Steven Escobedo

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My future plan

I would like to join the army when i turn 18. Because i have always wanted to join the army since i was a little kid. I would like to make a career out of the army. I would like to be a ranger because when they go on missions they work together to accomplish their missions. And the benefits i can get out of it i can go to collage and travel all around the world.

My Color

Onet Interest profiler results
Realistic people with realistic interest like work that includes pratial, hands on problems and answers. Often people with realistic interesting do not like careers that involve paper work or working closely with others..

My color is orange it means
-I act on a moment`s notice.
-I consider life as a game, here and now.
-I need fun, variety, stimulation and excitement.
-I value skill, resourcefulness and courage.
-I am a natural trouble shooter, a performer and a competitor.

And i would want to have this job because it fits good with my color, because i don`t want to just sit behind a desk doing nothing. I would rather face different situations everyday.

Career Choices

Hunters & Trappers
Architec Engineering
Aircraft Cargo
Helping Roofers
Explosives worker
Special Agents
Police Detectives
Security Managers
Agricultural Engineers
Electronics Engineering

Why I want this job?

I would like to be a security manager because i could make good money out if it and it would be a nice job to have when retired from the army.

What they do

They direct organization`s security functions, including physical security and safety of employees, facilities.

On the the job you would do.
-Create implement security standards policies, and procedures.
-Identify,investigate, or resolve security breaches
-Respond to medical emergencies bomb threats, fire alarms, intrusion alarms, following emergency.
Salary $105,060
Job outlook opportunities are very likely in the future
The education i would need is a bachelor`s degree

College Choices

The university of Texas at El Paso
Austin Community collage district
El Paso community collage

The collage that I choose was in El Paso it is called. The University of Texas at El Paso. It is a 4 year or above college, that`s where I will do my 4 years.


As a security manager i will make about $105,060 and it will be enough to cover my monthly expenses.
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