Great Barrier Reef

The Resort

The resort I plan to build is a resort with about 7 floors, indoor pool and hot tub, free breakfeast, by the ocean, and luxury bed rooms, and free tour of coral.

Our resort is located by the Great Barrier Reef because, everyone needs to see the amazing view of the Great Barrier Reef.

How we would protect the Great Barrier Reef: Limit how many people are alowed to be in the water at once, no litering, do not touch th coral.

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The Great Barrier Reef is unique because, of how much life and color the coral contains.

  • Climate change, Extreme weather, Declining water quality, on land development, Illegal fishing, Crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks. The benifits of humans kepping the reef heathy and intact are more fish have homes, and more people can visit the Great Barrier Reef. The ways a torist resort can threaten the Great Barrier Reef is the polution, people touching the coral, littering, and fishing in the reef. Before I build my resort I would make sure that is it safe to build my resort.