Team Husstle ~ June 2014 Newsletter

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Thank you for being apart of my Thirty-One Family!!

My Personal Stats for June:
Personal Sales: $3615 Parties Held: 6
Our Team Sales:$26,558! Woohoo!

As a consultant my paycheck would've been $903.75, but because I choose leadership by paycheck was $6056.48!!

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-3:30pm EST
Wednesday 9am-8pm EST
*I have hours set so that I have time that just belongs to my family:) If my hours don't work with your schedule, please let me know and we can set up a time to chat!! Anytime you'd like to email me, please do so!! I will return your email the next business day!! We are a team and I am here to support YOU!

Top in Recruiting in June!

Lisa Pearson 1

Stacey Kennedy 1

Megan Mackie 1

Angie Carney 1

Carrie Mehl 1

Top 25 in Sales in June!!

Dominique Sama 2068

Lisa Pearson 2033

Stacey Kennedy 2007

Christina Buskell 1607

Christa Olsen 1389

Jordan Coll 1360

Megan Mackie 1140

Nicole Lowery 1052

Meredith Holmes 1012

Melissa Bangle 916

Cindy Serrano 802

Paula Alexander 759

Dana Hanna 754

Graciela Solano 750

Carrie Riffey 707

Angie Carney 478

Jon Ragin 469

Candice Yoder 459

Denise Huebner 437

Jennie Caranci 354


Cynthia Salgado Jurry 331

Ericka Keel 246

Candy Alexander 213

Tara Carrigan 208

Who Earned StartSwell in June??

Candice Yoder ~ Level 1
Jordan Coll ~ Level 2
Melissa Bangle ~ Level 1
Meredith Holmes ~ Level 1
Paula Alexander ~ Level 2

Thirty-One Anniversaries!!

Rhonda Willien ~ One Year on June 7th! Woohoo!!!

Look who joined our team in June!

Stephanie Fuller from MD

Shay Roup from FL

Jennifer Vint from DE

Ericka Keel from NJ


Thank you for a GREAT JUNE!!! You amaze me! ~Shelby