Life Cycle of a Butterfly

By: Caitlyn and Hannah

Life cycle

The life cycle of the butterfly starts out as an egg. Next, a caterpillar or larva comes out of the egg! Then, the caterpillar eats a lot. After that,the caterpillar forms a chrysalis or pupa. Finally, after about a week the adult butterfly emerges from the chrysalis or pupa.
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Changes of the larva

First, the larva eats medium or leaves. Then, the larva gets bigger. When it has eaten a lot after about a week, it forms a pupa or chrysalis. After some days, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis or pupa. Finally, the butterfly drys it's wings and flies away to Mexico!

What living things need to survive

Living things need food, water, and shelter. They need it to to survive because if they don't have these things they won't live.
Time Lapse - The Life Cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly


This is a time lapse of the painted lady butterfly! We chose this video because it is a good representation of the life cycle!
Butterfly, Butterfly! (a song for kids about the butterfly life cycle)


This is a funny song about the life cycle of the butterfly! We put this song in here because it is a song about the life cycle.
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These are the little guys we are taking care of! They became a chrysalis on May 9 2016. It took about one week for them to form a chrysalis and leave a chrysalis.
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You can see many butterflies! They came out of their chrysalis on May, 16, 2016. It took about a week to come out of their chrysalis.