At the center of happy and wealthy

Introduction to the city

Welcome to the city of Constantinople! The beautiful capitol of Rome is famous for its wealth, architecture, and popular trade destination.

The city was founded in 330 AD and is currently ruled by Constantine.

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Government and Religion

The city is currently ruled by its founder Constantine. Constantine is a great emperor who gives to the poor, hosts many public events, builds hospitals and other buildings.

When Constantine built his city, he intended it to be the center of religion in the empire. The church was called the Eastern orthodox Church. Orthodox means "in agreement with belief." It turns out that Government and religion were actually closely related because the king was viewed as the head of government and as a living representative of God and Jesus Christ.

Things that make Constantinople what it is and things to do in your everyday life

While you are visiting, there are many fun activities and events to experience. These activities include: Watching chariot races in the hippodrome, trading things with people from all over Europe and Asia, going to church, and visiting Hagia Sophia. Keep in mind, these are things that people do in their everyday lives here, so if you need a vacation, plan a trip to Constantinople "At the center of happy and wealthy."