Cell Analogy Project

Our analogy is: The cell is like a school

Cell Wall

The cell wall resembles the school walls, making sure the school stays structurally strong.


The nucleus resembles the classrooms itself is the center of a school and provides information to make proteins for the students.

Nuclear Envelope

The nuclear envelope resembles the doors of a classroom because it allows people to move in and out.


The nucleolus resembles the teachers because they teach skills and inform students for the future.


The ribosomes resemble the students because the obtain the information and produce schoolwork.

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

The Rough ER resembles the desks of the classroom because the schoolwork leaves the students is placed in the desk and are then graded.

Golgi Apparatus

The golgi apparatus resembles the backpacks of the students where the schoolwork is stored and sorted.


The cytoskeleton resembles the principle because it helps the school maintain itself and its shape