Author: Kevin L. Dean.

Student: American Public University -(Master in Education: School Counseling Program)

Course: EDUC 655: FORUM 8

Initial Stage Characteristics

A major task during the initial stage is for leaders to assist members in identifying a clarifying spefic goals that will influence their participation (Corey, C. 2014). There have been reports of school bullying at Kevin L. Dean Magnet Arts School. A meeting was conducted with in-school and out-school stakeholders to address this concern. From this meeting one of the suggestions was to form an Anti-Bullying Awareness Group at school.

Purpose: Bring together a group of students who would like to become more educated on the topic of school bullying

Goals: Put a stop on all types/forms of school bullying.

Mission Statement: "Just Say No To School Bullying" & "Yes To School Friendship".

Group Members: Open to any student at school who supports the groups; purpose, goals, and mission statements.

Members Function: To support by providing input through an open brain storming approach on the topic of school bullying with different strategies included in the groups norms.

Establishing trust/respect through the following: Communicate, honesty, consistent, admit mistakes, show respect to everyone, forgive, make positive ethically & morally decisions, be open to new alternative ideas to name a few.

Although the field of social cognition is broad and encompasses many aspects of cognition, it focuses primarily on the ways people think about other people and how they reason about social relationships (Broderick, P. Blewitt, P. 2010). I believe school bullying is a negative type of social cognition skill that students can develop. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance ( The following video is an example of school bullying.


Bully Video Khoi Nguyen Ridge View High School


According to bullying statistics 2014, there are about 2.7 million students being bullied each year by about 2.1million students taking on the roll of the bully ( Bullying is clearly in our school systems today, so school staff personnel must find ways to address the problem. The following suggestions that the group created to prevent school bullying are: 1. Assess bullying in your school. 2. Engage parents & youth. 3. Create policies & rules. 4. Build safe environment. 6. Educate students & school staff. 7. Have Anti-Bullying Awareness events at school.


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Youtube Video: Khoi Nguyen Ridge View High School