South Korea


Info about the National Anthem

The name of the national anthem is Aegukga. Aegukga means patratioc song. It was written around 1896.
"Aegukga" South Korea National Anthem English lyrics


South Korea is in between China and Japan. The Capitol of South Korea is Seoul. The terrain is mainly hilly and there are lots of mountains too.

Climate,Population,Ethnic Group.

The climate in South Korea is very much like it is here in the U.S., but their summers are a little more mild.The population is 49.3 million people. Chinese and Filipino are the 2 most common ethnic groups.

Languages,Major Industries,Agriculture

The most common language is Korean. The Major Industries are Electronics and Shipbuilding. The most common agriculture plant is rice and

Currency,Major Religions,Two historical facts.

Their currency is called won. Their major religions are Buddhism and Protestantism. Two Historical are South Korea was established in 1948 and they produce samsung phones.

Type of Gov.,Famous Actor, Famous singer.

There Gov. has a president. A famous actor is Ki Hong Lee. A famous singer is PSY.

Famous Athlete,Country's President,History-symbolism-colors of flag.

A Famous Athlete is Kim Yuna. The Countries president is Park Geun-hye. There history is good nothing bad has happened. The colors of the flag are red,blue,black. The countries president's name is Park Guen-hye.

Famous artist and his piece of art. 3 cities.

A famous artist is Gong Yoo. He calls the painting Lee Ming Jung who is his girlfriend. 3 cities are Busan,Daegu, and Incheon.
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Things you might do in those cities.

Busan-Try new foods,go sailing,go new places,see new things and meet new people.

Daegu-See what their colleges are like. Go to their markets. Go to Woobang Tower Land,try their famous foods and hang out at Banwoldang.

Incheon-See the airport railroad, see the Incheon bridge,and go to Wolmido, go to their awesome beaches and you could go to the Incheon National Airport.