Snowmobile Safety

By: Emma Dziengeleski and Sydney Kraning

Snowmobile Safety

We did Snowmobile Safety and we want to remind you to always be safe on the trails. Be cautious, watch, and be patient. Read more, to learn more!

Safety Tips

1. Make sure the ice is 4 inches thick crossing over it.

2. To avoid on coming snowmobiles stay on your side of the trail, which is the right side.

3. Make sure to watch out for grooming equipment on the trails.

4. Make sure to watch out for wildlife and domestic animals.

What do look out for...

  • Thin ice and open water
  • grooming equipment
  • oncoming snowmobiles
  • road and railroad crossings
  • snow banks and drifting snow



  • Keep to the rules
  • Be careful
  • Be safe
  • Have the right equipment with you
  • Be ready