All About Me

By:Chesidia v.d.c

About me

My name is Chesidia v.d.c some things I like to do are I like to play football with my brothers but I hate watching it ,another thing I like to do is swim I have been swimming sense I was 6 and it is one of my hobbies, when I am grown up I want to be a baker/cook,some places I want to travel to are New Jersey and Dubai in the summer time I am gonna travel to Italy with my whole family.

More About me

I want to travel to Dubai because I've learned so much about it and it looks like a super fun place to travel to I would like to go to New Jersey because that is where I want to persue my goal of being a baker .


I used to go to LNFI (which stands for l'étoile du nord french immersion) I went there for 6 years and now I got to Ramsey and I plan on going to central high school.