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Welcome Back to Books!

All of your children have visited the library at least once this school year and have borrowed books and/or magazines. Our borrowing privileges are as follows:

4th grade: 3 books; or 1 book and 2 magazines; or 2 books and 1 magazine (3 items total)

3rd grade: 2 books and 1 magazine; or 2 books (3 items total)

2nd grade: 2 books (magazine not yet allowed--2 items total)

1st grade: 1 book (no magazines 1 item total)

Kindergarten: 1 book (1 item total)

Please help your child remember to return their items on time! if the books are not returned or renewed on the following visit, there will be no additional check-outs.

Our class schedule is featured on the left side for your convenience! For 1st and kindergarten, book check out times will be every other visit.

What We're Learning Now

4th grade: Do You Know Dewey?

4th graders are learning about the system created by Melville Dewey in 1876 to organize libraries--why it was created and how it works!

3rd grade: Great Genres!

Your 3rd grader will be discovering the different genres that exist in fiction and nonfiction; examples of each and how to recognize them. As the year progresses, we will be taking each one more in-depth and occasionally doing a project with individual ones.

2nd grade: Finding a "Just Right" Book

2nd graders are learning about the Five Finger Rule that helps them choose books they can read independently. Have your child teach it to you!

1st grade: Amazing Authors

During the next 16 weeks of school, your first grader will be learning about 16 new authors and listening to stories written by them. On the book check-out day, there will be a follow-up project about each story or author.

Kindergarten: Book Care

Kindergarteners will be learning about how to care for a library book properly. They should have brought home a booklet featuring "Leo, the Library Mouse". Please read it with them and discuss the ways in which they can build responsibility. Also, your child received a library bag with their initial check-out. Please keep this bag and have them use it each time they return their book to school!

E-Books are Excellent!

SSES now has e-books that can be read at school or home! Simply go to:, and begin typing in our school name (Shamrock Springs); then enter the user name: SSES and password: shamrock. You are set to check out books! Your child has a user name: his or her student ID number and the generic password: shamrock. The books are searchable by subject, or grouped by ones that are unlimited access (an infinite number of users can have the book checked out at once); or by single user (these work like single print copies). Check outs are for 3 weeks and automatically return themselves!