Daisy Debuted

Daisy Marries Tom Buchanan!

Though we could not personally attend the wedding of Daisy and Tom Buchanan, the photos are absolutely beautiful! The wedding was exclusive to family and friends of the couple, but of course it was luxurious and up to their standards. Everyone was dressed in their best clothes and the bride looked stunning. Daisy was in a beautiful dress with a veil to match. I heard she even started to cry while walking down the aisle!


Daisy Gives Birth to Beautiful Baby Girl!

After the wonderful wedding of Daisy and Tom they clearly went through a rough patch, just like everyone else. Now, the couple seems to be on good terms. Well, at least I hope they are since they just had a baby together! That's right! Daisy and Tom Buchanan are now the parents of a baby girl who they call Pammy! Photographs of the child have yet to be released. But don't fret! We will be the first to have photos and the inside scoop on their relationship!