With The iPhone 4 (MADE IN CHINA)


is the interactions between groups of people using advances in technology.

Types of Globalization

1) Economic: The increase of busyness and economic advancements throughout the world and within countries.

2) Technology: The sharing technological advances that let us communicate better,work more smoothly, and keep us and other countries safer.

3) Environmental: The trading of natural resources and the influence of both industry and geographic features.

4) Cultural: working together with other nations to strengthen bods and conjoin ideas.

Map Analysis: Telling from my maps i can see that most of the action happens in the north eastern areas of China and that that is the most modernized as far as production, transportation, and population

Transfer: I have been effected by globalization in many ways, but i chose to use my iPhone as a way to prove it. It was manufactured in China and has made its way all the way to Derry, New Hampshire. That is a great example of cooperation and globalization between two powerful countries.