Your Holiday Hero WHY!

WHO are you going to spoil with your S&D business this Fall?

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You have the power to make someone(s) very happy this holiday season!


We talk a lot about our WHY in Stella & Dot, especially at this time of year. We're heading into our busiest season and our business gives us the incredible opportunity to make a financial impact in a very big way - always, but especially over these next three months! In order to maximize our earning potential in Q4, we need a goal to go after - something that will motivate us to push hard and exceed our wildest dreams.

Here's what I know about us - about Team Glowing Stones: we are group of women that like to GIVE and DO for others. We love BIG and DEEP and motivate, encourage and inspire not just one another, but our family, friends and everyone else who crosses our path.

And here's what else I know about us: we have the power to change someone's life this holiday season. We have the power to change many lives this season! Think about it - what could an extra $1000 in income allow you to do? Who could you treat with $2000 extra in your pocket? How would you bring a smile to someone you care about's face with $3000? WHO can YOU be a holiday hero to this year?

THAT'S what I want you to answer! Create a big WHY this holiday season and center it around someone(s). It could be YOU, it could be your husband, it could be your kids. Could be your mother or your BFF or your neighbor or a member of your community. Could even be an organization or charity you feel strongly about! All that matters is that YOU are passionate about this person(s) and that you want to treat him/her/them to something special this holiday season. YOU want to be their HOLIDAY HERO.

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Once you've figured it out, here's what I'm asking you to do:

1. Take a picture (selfies are great!) with you holding a picture of that person/people's picture. If you have a print out of it, great - but you can also snap a pic of you holding up the pic on your phone or iPad!

2. Take a picture of you holding up a sign that tells how you will be a holiday hero to this person/people! In essence - what are you going to do with your extra Stella & Dot commissions this holiday season to treat the person/people in picture #1.


You can see some examples below. I'm working to be a holiday hero to my three kiddos by making enough extra money to surprise them with a Disney cruise next year! Others are treating their hubbies, kids or THEMSELVES!

The sky is the limit with this - be creative! Think about the monetary value of what you want to treat someone(s) to as you decide and make sure that's in line with the amount of effort you want to put into our Stella & Dot business this Fall. I know I'll need an extra $8K to make this cruise happen. (crazy, right?!) That means between now and the end of the year I'll need to make about $2K a month, which means I need to sell about $6500 a month in Sept, Oct, Nov AND Dec. That's a lot - but I'm ready for it! If I wasn't, then I'd need to readjust my Holiday Hero goal.

Make sense???

Here are a few things that are SUPER IMPORTANT when taking your pics:
***Please take all pics horizontally
***Be sure the picture of who you're going to be a holiday hero to is in focus for picture #1
***Please write legibly and in dark print on your signs with the least amount of words possible

And WHY are we doing this exercise? Well most importantly - it's helping us create our HOLIDAY HERO WHY and will chart our course for the next four months! BUT - also - a NEW #teamglowingstones video may be in the works!!! Just sayin''ll probably want to be a part of it! :)

xo, Krista

Krista Demcher - proud leader of Team Glowing Stones