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April 24, 2020

  • High Interest Reading at Home or School with Ebooks
  • You asked for it! New ebooks
  • Action: IASL Award Book Delivery
  • Interactives and Simulations
  • Instructional Technology Supports

High Interest Reading at Home or School with Ebooks

To support students at school and home, we created some ebook reading guides to help students select, read, and track their reading. This was also shared with curriculum coordinators and administrators.

Choose your adventure! (elementary)

It's a mystery! (elementary)

Graphic Novels (middle school)

Sports and Recreation #1 and #2 (middle school)

  • Each guide includes book covers so students can browse the titles and choose the ones that jump off the shelf.
  • There is a thumbs-up and down feature for each book.
  • The guide can be downloaded and printed.
  • Or, keep it as a download and then click the thumbs-up and down—it’s a fillable PDF.
  • A book review form is linked to the elementary guides so students can practice their writing. Download to print or download and use as a fillable PDF.
  • There is a message for parents to sit with their child to choose the titles that best meet the child’s interest and reading level, and subject.

Here are the links you are welcome to post or share in an email:

Choose your adventure!

It’s a mystery!

Graphic Novels

Sports and Recreation #1

Sports and Recreation #2

You asked for it! New Ebooks

We asked for your recommendations for purchase last month. Here is a list of the 47 new titles added to Mackin VIA and AEA Scout (see the April 2020 tab).

Action: IASL Award Book Delivery

Perfection Learning is trying to meet their pre-COVID-19 promise to deliver your purchased books by mid-May. They are trying to reach out to each person listed on the IASL order form to confirm delivery details. Orders will not be shipped until they have received confirmation.

If your name is on the IASL order form and you haven't heard from Perfection Learning, please reach out to Regina Yost, Customer Service Representative at or call 800-831-4190. Please let Regina know whether books should be:

1. Shipped to the location indicated on the order

2. Shipped to an alternate location

3. Not shipped at this time

Interactives and Simulations

There have been a few requests lately for interactive or simulations to use in our continuous learning with students. We did a quick search in AEA Scout on the broad topics of science and history. We found hundreds of resources from PBS, Discovery Education, WGBH, NOVA, Annenberg, and more. Below is a very short list with examples that are geared more for secondary students.

How can you preview before you recommend to staff? You need to be logged in AEA Scout for authentication purposes when you click the hyperlink. So, have AEA Scout open in a Chrome tab, open another tab and copy/paste (or click) the persistent link URL.

How did we find these? We logged in to AEA Scout, chose Advanced Search, entered a subject, scrolled down to Types and selected Interactives, then Apply Filters. When you look at the summary, there is a persistent link icon by the title that you can copy/paste.

So what's next? You can help teachers navigate AEA Scout. You can share these links with teachers and students in the LMS, email, Google Drive, etc. Teachers log in to AEA Scout with their AEA Learning Online u/p. Students log in with the Google or Microsoft email and password.

There's lots more to tell, but the big take-away is that teachers have access to interactives and simulations today! If you'd like assistance finding resources for teachers, start with Susan Schrader at Heartland AEA.

Sound Waves

Life’s Instruction Manual / UNC-TV Science

Electricity: Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

Will There Be Enough Fresh Water?

Will the Air Be Clean Enough to Breathe?

Water Model

Tour the Solar System

Coastline Change

Why Do We Have Seasons?

Drought Basics

NOVA Online / A Cosmic Crossword

Mountains and Rain Shadows / Interactive Lesson

How Big Is Our Universe?

Impact Craters on Earth

Density Lab

Pickle Lab / Exploratorium

Meiosis Lab

Anatomy of a Firework

What Are Our Energy Choices?

What Is the Future of Earth’s Climate?

Ocean Acidification Awareness Game

Ocean Acidification and Marine Life

Planet Hunting Model

Map a Model Solar System

Map a Model Solar System

Colossal Fossil Jostle

World History Traveler / Bridging World History

The Founding Father

Discovery Atlas Interactive Map

Instructional Technology Supports

Take a look at the Heartland AEA instructional tech consultants support S'more page. You'll find it to be a terrific resource. It includes their office hours.

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