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April 2021

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Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to another great and helpful newsletter that connects you to educational resources and links to information that are intended to increase the language proficiency and academic success of your child.

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The Process for Serving English Learners

This video identifies the steps taken by schools in Texas to ensure the success of your child in becoming English proficient.

Parent Rights

As a parent/guardian of an English learner you have the right regarding your child’s educational access and programming. To learn about your rights, check out the link below.

Parents/Guardian Rights Guidance in English / Spanish

Texas Approved Language Programs

Your child is participating in one of the language programs below. Check out our great brochures located at explaining the benefits of the Bilingual Education Program and the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program.

Bilingual Education Program English / Spanish / Vietnamese

English as Second Language (ESL) Program English / Spanish / Vietnamese

Preparing Beyond High School

Do you have a child who is preparing for college or a career beyond high school? Our Community Partners page provides resources that are helpful for you and your child in planning their college or career path.

Visit to learn more about Supplemental Special Education Services and how eligible families of student with significant and complex disabilities can qualify for up to $1,500 per child to purchase special educational resources and services.

To support your child who has also been identified with a disability and served by special education, these are great resources to check out.

· Tips for Managing Behaviors for At-Home Learning English / Spanish

· ARD Meeting Essentials for Parents English / Spanish

Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Turn cleaning into a fun game.

Offer rewards or incentives that are appealing to your child.

Play music or listen to an audiobook while organizing and cleaning.

Self-Care Tips

Taking time for your family’s physical and mental well-being is important. Here are some tips to practice self-care as a family (Mental Health First Aid).

● Try to eat more fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

● Try moving everyday- go for a family walk, practice some stretching, or play games outside.

● Develop a bedtime routine so your family tries to go to bed at the same time every night.

● Talk about your feelings as a family.

Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind

3 Ways Families can Promote Fun & Wellness at Home

Click to read this article on how to engage your mind and body while spending time at home inspired by The Center for Family Engagement's Family Guide to Fostering Whole Child Development.

Take Some Time for You

As you learn more about the assessments your English learner will take and prepare for the end-of the school year, remember to reach out to your child’s teacher or other school staff to ask any questions you may have. Your child may be stressed about the upcoming assessments, so remember to take some time for you and your family to unwind.

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