The Giver Unit - Mrs. E. Lopez

Utopias and Dystopias

All-Stars, Get Ready for A Mind Blowing Dive into The Giver

In this unit, we are going to explore the intricately controlled life of Jonas and his community in The Giver. You will create a real-life utopia/dystopia for a classroom presentation. An alternate text can be selected and studied pending teacher's approval by students who have already read The Giver. Those who are up for a bigger challenge will create a future city and submit their entry to a grand competition. See for more details.

For the next 8 weeks, be prepared to examine literature through utopic and dystopic lens!

SNEAK PEAK: The setting of “The Giver” is a world in which there exists no pain, no war, and very little emotion. In this utopia, everything is as pleasant as possible. Birthmothers give birth to “newchildren” and never see them again. These newchildren then move to the Nurturing Center, then to a family unit, and then together with the other “Childless Adults.” When they become too old or infirm, they are “released” – although they don’t realize it, those who are released are actually killed. Read the novel for more...

Some of the top highlights in the unit include...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Giver a Utopia or a Dystopia?

Is the movie anything like the novel?

I guess we'll just have to read to find out...:-)