Tabata Treats, Fu6ion FIT & Fun!

Don't Wait For The New Year!

Unlimited Classes - 6 Times Per Week - No Contracts!

Come see what the buzz is about at 1 More Set! For the ENTIRE month of December, we are excited to share with you a combination of fun fitness and help you make the change you have been waiting for! Keep your metabolism in high gear to burn extra calories instead of storing them as extra pounds during the holidays!

For All Fitness Levels? Absolutley!

Get a taste of Tabata Bootcamp. High Intensity Interval Training with 20/10 timing protocols and explosive bursts.

Get a side of Fu6ion FIT - Fusing cardio, strength, core and flexibility into a series of incredible workouts.

And top it off with mixed mania creations by Danielle Wooding and Roy Jackson to work your muscles that you have forgotten about!

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$35 for the ENTIRE month of December!