The junior Iditarod racers put in thousands of miles of training for the race

Description of Jr Iditarod

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 9am


  • Jr. route is 150 miles long
  • Mushers can now enter at the ages of 14 to 17
  • Two day Jr. Iditarod began in 1978 to let young mushers compete
  • Jr. Iditarod test the teens skills at guiding and caring for the dogs on a trail


  • Jr. Iditarod racers put in thousands of mile of training
  • During the training season the racers work against rugged winds of negative forty degrees
  • The Jr. Iditarod racers have to train their skills at caring and guiding the dogs on a trail
  • The racers train all year round even during the race season
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  • Siberian Husky most commonly used in Iditarod
  • Dogs work hardest in races
  • requirements during race
  • dog food
  • cooker to make the food,
  • doggie booties,
  • a physical exam,
  • up-to-date shots
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Parts of The Race

  • In middle of race all teams sleep for 12 hours
  • Vet checks the dogs condition
  • race length is 150 miles
  • Iditarod is 1,049 miles
  • Racers use special equipment
  • Mushers can now enter the Jr. Iditarod the ages are 14 to 17

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