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June - July News Splash

Greenville Splash Gives Back to Our Community

Over 40 Adults Learn to Swim!

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Our Adult Learn to Swim Program Exceeds Expectations

Greenville Splash volunteers were committed to giving back to our community by extending their passion for swimming to others. We taught over 40 adults how to swim! It was a powerful and life changing experience not only for the participants but also for our volunteers! Most of the participants came the first day with fears and anxiety, but after experiencing patient instruction and enthusiasm they slowly overcame their past experiences and trepidation. On the last evening of lessons, every swimmer got to share a skill they learned that they were most proud of with cheers and clapping from everyone at the pool! There was so much self-satisfaction, gratification and happiness from the participants that all of our volunteers want to be involved in this project next year.

Here are a few comments from our instructors:

"It was fun to work with adults that really wanted to learn and invest in their own skills and learn to embrace the water instead of being afraid of it. It was a privilege to be part of that."

"It was remarkable to see how these adults really wanted to learn to swim and how they all overcame their fears or struggles in one way or another! We all made a positive impact in their lives."

"I would absolutely volunteer to teach next year!"

"Great to see their joy as they accomplish something they've convinced themselves for years that they couldn't do."

Best quote from a participant on the last night: "I'm a freaking swimmer, na na na na!"

Our Awesome Volunteers!

Back Row: Susan DeMere, Rick Gantt, Tyler Sites, Kris Dunning

Front Row: Janice Hebel, Doug Long, Leslie Scott, Carolyn Moore, Amy Browning

Not pictured: Casey Oliver, Mark Kothe, Cheryl Quinn

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Summer News

It has been a busy time for Greenville Splash. This has been the season of giving back and fulfilling our mission and vision of making a difference in the aquatic community. Our team is so full of vibrant and spirited volunteers. We completed a successful Adult Learn to Swim Program with the help of our volunteers, the Kroc Center, and the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

An important part of Greenville Splash Masters is the Upstate Splash Charity. We are committed to giving back to the youth in our community by raising water safety awareness and providing swim lessons for youth. We had many Greenville Splash swimmers and friends participate and volunteer for the Upstate Splash Freestyle Jam. This event was a lot of fun with fabulous live music and food. Thank you for all the support. More children in our community will learn to swim because of your help. With wonderful swimmers and volunteers, we have a team that everyone can be proud to belong to.

Open water swimming and triathlons are in full swing for our members. We have swimmers competing and making monumental progress in their goals of staying fit and achieving their personal bests. Many of our swimmers had outstanding performances at the Low Country Splash and Mountains to Main Triathlon.

There are lots of fun opportunities for group open water swims and fun socials this summer with Greenville Splash. Check out the calendar section of the website or facebook for more information.

Facebook Links:

Greenville Splash

Upstate Splash Charity
Upstate Splash Open Water Swim - September 17th, Lake Jocassee (only 200 swimmers)


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Epic Fun for a Great Cause!

Greenville Splash Hosts SC LCM Championships

South Carolina LCM Championships

Friday, June 17th, 1:30pm to Sunday, June 19th, 1pm

2700 West Blue Ridge Drive

Greenville, SC

Greenville Splash helps to host this event. This is our big team event. Come out and be inspired. Come swim, volunteer or be a spectator. Deck entries available.

Upcoming Events

June 17-19

Greenville Splash hosts the South Carolina LCM Championships
-Westside Aquatic Complex-

Make plans to attend as a swimmer, spectator or volunteer. We appreciate your participation! Deck entries available.

June 18

Team and Meet Social 7:00 pm at Bar Louie Everyone welcome!

June 26, July 10, July 24

Open Water Group Swim at Lake Jocassee

RSVP to Leslie if planning to attend. Safe swimmer floats mandatory.

July 14

Team Social Greenville Drive Baseball Game.
Meet on the deck of the 500 Club at 7pm.

Sept 17-18

Greenville Splash Hosts the Upstate Splash

*Registration is now open and filling fast

Saturday: Upstate Splash Open Water Charity Swim, Lake Jocassee

Sunday: Swim Clinic with Olympian Chloe Sutton at Westside

Facebook Open Water Swim event page: Register Here!

Swimmer of the Month: Bianca Walker

Bianca Walker is well deserved for swimmer of the month. She began swimming with us at Westside Aquatic Complex in January because she got talked into doing the swim leg as a relay for the Mountains to Main Triathlon. Her first few practices were overwhelming. She kept thinking, "Why on earth did I agree to do this relay?" She even came to one Masters workout where there were only other "fast" swimmers working out. She felt discouraged and out of place. Many people know this feeling. It feels like you will never be able to keep up or feel better in the water. Remember to use Bianca as an example. Don't worry about others. Those other swimmers have probably been swimming on teams for decades. So take baby steps on your own personal journey to improve. Block out those distractions and things that overwhelm or intimidate. Bianca was persistent. She kept coming to practice and listened to her coaches. Her endurance and confidence improved slowly every week. Before she knew it she was eager and ready for her event. She is proud to say she finished her first open water swim and made her relay team proud. Now she is Greenville Splash's inspiration!

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Membership Opportunity

Greenville Splash members: Video and stroke analysis is available with Coach Susan DeMere on Saturdays at the Kroc Center 8:00 am. Must sign up in advance.

Contact Susan at

Low Country Splash Fun in the Sun


Congratulations on the marriage of Stephanie Nagele and Kellan Heatley

Best wishes to Adam and Mary Tempe on their birth of the daughter, Ava

Mountains to Main Street Triathlon

Amazing athletic feats battling strong head winds and hills, bravo!

Michael Mauhar, David Hall, Rachel Smith, Sean Riley, Dan OConnell, Steph Hance, Price Kinney, Kelly Sobey, Klaus Pless, Kiah Bellows, Bianca Walker, Kyle Danner, Mark Sharp

Low Country Splash

Kudos to some awesome swimming with slack current and big chop!

Jayson Young, John Decker, Jack Read, Allyson Seitzer, Janice Hebel, Leslie Scott, Sara Bopp, Klaus Pless, Casey Oliver, Kiah Bellows, Andy Satterfield, Lyndsey Roka, Heather Roka, Carolyn Moore, Mark Kothe, Neal Robinson, John Sanders, Michael Roka, Jack Zimmerman, Stephanie Hance, Bobby Nachman, John Yennie

Chatanooga Half Triathlon

Congrats to Bob Mitchell for his first ever half triathlon! He loved every minute of the race, he had a best ever swim and smiled the whole way. He made his goal of going under six hours!

Lake Hartwell Death Valley Open Water Swim

Remarkable and multiple swims from: Will McWhorter, John Decker, Diego Mezzogori, Chris Sorrell

The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim

Outstanding 4.4 miles in difficult waters by John Sanders and Bobby Nachman

Senior Games

Incredible swims and PR's from: David Preuninger, Rick Haverland, Meg Causey, Chris Gibbs, and Bill Robertson

Our team is awesome in and out of the water!

Schedule Changes

Westside is closed June 17 at noon and June 18 all day for Masters meet

Westside Closed June 24-25 all day for age group meet.

Westside Closed July 15 at noon and July 16 all day for SAIL meet.

Advisory Committee

Meet the Greenville Splash Advisory Committee:

Executive Director: Leslie Scott

President: Casey Oliver

Secretary: Carolyn Moore

Membership: Karen Sturgis and Susan DeMere

Communications: Amy Browning

Social Director: Sara Bopp

At Large: Mark Kothe, Janice Hebel

Please, reach out to these board members with any suggestions for the future success of your Greenville Splash Masters team. Email:

Freestyle Jam thanks Greenville Splash for their support

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Chesapeake Bay Champions: John Sanders and Bobby Nachman

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Senior Champs Qualify for Nationals

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