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What is Origami Owl?

Origami Owl is a social selling company that was started by a 14 year old with dreams of buying herself a white Jeep! Since holding her own events and in home parties. In January 2012, it turned into a Direct Sales company that empowers, inspires and motivates women, men & mother/daughter teams to achieve their own dreams and goals as well. Origami Owl's mission is centered around "Be a Force For Good."

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FaceBook is a huge part of Social Selling and a great resource to help you grow your business. Please read the guidelines regarding your own FaceBook Fan page. First & Foremost - You can not publish your page until you are an official Designer.

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Also, there are two groups on FaceBook hosted by my Amazing Upline! Team Leader Lauren Defazio is my mentor and Hannah Elstad , a Senior Team Leader is her mentor. She has a group for Team O Life's A Hoot (aka TOLAH). Her mentor, Marty Miller, an Executive Team Leader-the Company's 1st Male ETL, and his fiance Heather Alexander, a Director, run Team Wide Eyed Dreamers (aka TWED). They are the Dynamic Duo. Once you have your official Designer #, I will add you to both. The advice, guidance, files and photos in these groups are outstanding! If you can't find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask a question in either place!!

Vanessa Whitten Independent Designer #35663

I have been with Origami Owl since August 2013. I LOVE Origami Owl and not just the product!! I love the product, my team (up and down the line), the company...EVERYTHING!! I am here to help in any way that I can!

I am so glad you made the decision to join & I know it can be scary at first. So, you are thinking, "What is next?" The possibilities are endless!!

Keep your worries small and your DREAMS BIG!!!

I am here no matter what and live by a computer/phone so call, text, email. I am here for you!