Positively Excited About Learning

@LamarMS ....................Vol 1 Issue 2 November

PBL Spotlight

Ms. Sparks' Consumer and Family Science students are tackling the real-world issues of healthy eating and diet plans. Students use the driving question - How can we convince Lamar staff that fad diets do/do not lead to healthy, long-lasting weight loss? - to determine their need to knows, conduct research, analyze information, and apply learning in a real-world setting with an authentic audience.

Check out some of their work here!

Ms. Witter and Ms. Wilson's 8th grade ELA students are exploring literary elements and developing writing and other communication skills through blogging, interviews, personal connections, and the creation of a podcast that answers the question - How does music shape our lives? The teachers collaborated with Ms. Graves to design opportunities for students learn about asking better questions and took a risk by allowing students to be involved in deciding elements of the project rubric that were above or below standard. Students received feedback from peers and teachers during the process and published their work for a larger audience.

Check out some of their work here!

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