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Staff Mini Pack Update 9/11/2015

Dear Scott Staff,

This week we had the opportunity to visit with each of you about your goals. What an incredible experience that was for us! You all are an amazing staff. The insight you provided us about what matters for you and your team was enlightening. It was confirming to see the alignment between your personal goals and your team goals - both within your grade level and across the campus. It made us start to think about how so many leaders ended up here at Scott. This led us to our larger pondering for this week. What makes a great leader?

We believe the qualities of leadership transcend beyond your job. They are almost universal truths that apply to every aspect of one's life. Interestingly, Leanne was shopping online (that isn't the interesting part) and discovered on The Limited's website a gallery of female leaders who defined leadership for themselves. Below are some of their statements. As you read through them, ask yourselves which statements you most align with.

  • You must be honest; you have to be authentic but taking responsibility for enabling others.
  • A leader is someone who is strong, someone who is themself, someone who can really support their ideas.
  • Being a leader is being a mentor, teaching the people around me how to be able to do what they need to do.
  • Leading looks like a combination of humility and perseverance and personal will. I think the best leaders have this combination of quiet confidence to them.
  • Being a leader means knowing your own self value and what you bring to the table, then being able to utilize that in a way that empowers your team.
  • The best leaders are the ones who are approachable, understanding, considerate and not above rolling up their sleeves and being part of a team. The lead by example and are able to look out for the whole team while also considering each individuals needs.
  • Leading look like having humility and confidence, while at the same time having a bold vision. You must work hard and prove to yourself that you have the ability to do things you didn't think you could do.

As we read through these statements, so many of your faces come forward. We are so proud and blessed to be part of such an amazing staff of leaders who put the needs of our students first, always. With that being said, we don't want you to forget to take care of yourselves.

Rest and renew yourselves this weekend.

Paige and Leanne

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Special Shout Outs

  • Shout OUT to Eva Raney. She has a student with a physical disability who is self-conscious about it. Eva read a book with her class to build awareness and included the student in the discussion. Mom said that it has made all the difference in the world. She said that, "Mrs. Raney handled the situation with dignity and respect." Way to go Mrs. Raney!
  • Huge Shout-Out to Connie Bisby!! She has taken on the task of leading Scott in writing grants. We are thankful for your help Connie.
  • A Big Howl to our diagnostician, Laura Frey! She has been trying to navigate our new "Easy" IEP system with parents in ARDs. The "Easy IEP" title may be somewhat misleading ....but she approaches each document with a positive grace! Thank you Laura!
  • Way to go 3rd Grade for diving into CFA's during Collaborative Planning time. We love how you identified student misunderstandings and used this data to better align WIN time with student needs.
  • A BIG HOWL for everyone's positive presence! Tiffany Allen said about Celebrate Scott, "I wish we had a celebration like this at work each week. This is the happiest place!" This is another testimony about our belief of "working hard and playing hard!"
  • Shout out to Whitney Zorn! She has more than 100 students in the Scott Choir! Way to go!
  • A Big Mini Pack Shout Out to Laura Coyne who is celebrating her 20th anniversary. Her sweet husband dropped off BEAUTIFUL flowers!
  • Thank you Sara Anderson for helping multiple grade levels during WIN time to ensure our ESL students are successful!
  • Huge Shout Out to Kathy Stroud for helping Dayna Coleman and 5th grade with supervision during morning writing.
  • Howwwwl Kacey Pennington for coming right in and starting LLI.
  • SUPER SHOUT OUT to Misty Maynard for her use of Class Dojo to encourage her students and communicate with parents. She is sending her parents pictures of their children working in the classroom through Class Dojo. Way to go!
  • A BIG Mini Pack Shout OUT to Allison Leggieri for helping out in the front office during Curriculum Night. We really appreciate you and all you do!
  • Howwwl to Carol Davis for sharing her place value strategy with her team about how to help students connect place value and name of number to a person's name and age. Great idea!!
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Our Rock Star 2nd grade team!! Shout out from 3rd grade to 2nd grade, "Thank you for everything you have done! We only have 4 students reading below a DRA 28!" WOW!!
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Karlyn's sweet grandson - Jonah! What a cutie!
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Lorie (AKA - Dr. Bailey) and Sabrina - Sweet beauties! Isn't is amazing to see our district curriculum team becoming part of our Scott Team in supporting all that we do.
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Shout-out to Camille Bryan for putting Scott Elementary on the map. She is hosting the FIRST elementary school distance learning dyslexia class. While teaching students at Scott she is being broadcast and teaching students at Borchardt.

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Monday, Sep. 21st, 8am


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Walk to School Day

Friday, Oct. 9th, 7:15am

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Heritage High School Football SCOTT & Sonntag Night

Friday, Oct. 9th, 7pm

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Let's show our Scott Spirit at Heritage High School Night. We would like as many of our Scott Staff to attend this event as possible.

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