A little about me

Interests : Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is a dslr camera its a great starter camera for beginners photographers. It comes with lends so you don't have to buy a pair leds, a wireless receiver so when you take a picture it will up load to your photo.

Obsession: Bugging my older brother

My older brother Richard is the nicest otaku(one who loves anime) person I know. Thats why I bugg him ITS THE BEST FEELING EVER. When you bugg my brother if your lucky enough he will go all anime nerd on you and its soo funny.

Hero: My grandma

My grandma is my hero because she would take care of me and my two other brother when my parents were too busy and too tired. she was the best gradma ever. And plus if we were good she would give us 20.00 bucks.

Obsession 2: 2048