The Toronto Zoo

A Whale of a Fun Day!

Changes to Slogan

"A Whale of a Day!" is a much catchier than their previous slogan "A living center for Education and Science. The previous slogan is very hard to come across or find on their websites. It has no appeal to it and to some it may even be considered boring. I believe in order to sell their product more the Toronto Zoo should reposition their slogan to be more fun and inviting. This will help draw more people to their attraction.

Changes to Products and Services (Grow Target Market)

I would change many things about the Toronto Zoo:

Introduce Rides:

  • By Introducing roller coasters and thrill rides, you are increasing your target market. You will be attracting all kinds of young people to your park and they will then begin to learn more of the message you can convey. It is nice to have a conservation message, but it is even better to get them to your actual events and allow the people to hear them.

Bring More Interesting Animals:

  • Being the Premier Zoo in Canada they have the funds and capability to deal with animals that are crowd pleasers. This includes animals like, Elephants, Dolphins, Whales, Polar Bears, Alligators etc. People want to see these animals and learn more about them. People would find it worth while to visit these zoos and know that you are making an effective change. With the more intelligent of the animals, you can even offer educational shows and programs that are entertaining which could then attract more people as well.


  • Add more food options so that way people do not have to leave the park to worry about feeding their children.

Change in Perceptual Map

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I believe there are two ways that changes to the Toronto Zoo can go. With the changes that I am outlining the Toronto Zoo will have increase of guests visiting their park, this will create a high level of demand for them. This then will give them the option of pricing power. They can either raise their prices because their attraction is worth visiting for a higher price and make more revenue. Or they can lower the price and still make quite a bit of revenue as more people will visit a lot more often.

Changes To Demographics

The Toronto Zoo is open to everyone however it is not catered toward everyone. It is mainly catered toward scientists and biologists, and school groups. However it is time to get the general public informed on the importance of zoos. This is why I feel they should add a lot more options that will make the zoo a more welcoming place for families, couples and just society in general.

Endorsement Changes

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As nice as it is to have the Prime Minister of Canada represent your brand, he is expected to support your brand, where as the Zoo would get a lot more attention if an unrelated celebrity endorsed them. For example, pictured above is NBA superstar Dwayne Wade posing with a bottlenosed dolphin at SeaWorld of San Diego. The amount of people that flooded the attraction afterwards was so much that they had to stop admission for a few hours as the park was at capacity. Dwayne chose to visit to have some fun and to learn a little bit, he wasn't required to like Justin Trudeau was. This tells the consumer that if Dwayne Wade visits the park, they should as well.

Athletes are always looking for ways to keep up there reputation, and therefore having a celebrity endorse their brand is good for both parties. Athletes want people to know that they care about environmental sustainability and nature, so that they can be seen as an example that people can idolize. Having celebrities carry their message means that all the followers of that celebrity will begin to carry that message as well.

Event Sponsorship


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From experience working within a zoo, as well as from the statistics listed above, it is evident that the shows and guest interactions in zoos are what keep people coming back. The zoos that conduct shows and are more personal with their guests have a greater percentage of guests that come back. The Toronto Zoo doesn't conduct shows instead they have zookeepers come out a few times a day and talk about the animals in an exhibit. The atmosphere associated with shows is what attracts people to return. These people come back to learn more, have fun and later grow to be conservationists in their own lives. Now if the Toronto Zoo wants to do this I feel this is a change they ought to make.

Promotional Plan

Goals: The Game Plan!

Enrich The Entertainment Atmosphere

  • Learning can be exceptionally fun if done right. Considering that people are spending their own time at zoos to entertain themselves, it is very important to ensure you are giving them what they want along with selling your product. We've established that the product Zoos try to sell is their conservation message, which allows people to want to come back and "be in the know" about what is transpiring. So creating a fun atmosphere that strategically implements education and that message is vital. This can be done through many different pathways. This can be done through programs like, shows, behind the scenes tours, performances, interactive (meet the animal up close) guest experiences and much more.

Promotional Elements

  1. More publicity! Groundbreaking research and discoveries happen right here at the Toronto Zoo, yet they are very quiet about it! The world wants to know when they find anti-bodies to fight caner within their elephant system, and when they bring Giant Cranes back from the brink of extinction. The TO Zoo hasn't been the best at advertising themselves on social media and with the press, and therefore a lot of their discoveries go unnoticed.
  2. Personal Selling! Once again that one on one connection that people experiences with employees and representatives of the TO Zoo, leave a lasting impact. Compared to most zoos the TO Zoo does not have much interaction between the staff and guests, and that ultimately leaves many vital questions unanswered. Therefore I will increase personal selling to help make the guest experience more personal and memorable.

Both of these aspects will allow the Zoo to increase awareness, attract interest, arouse desire and initate action.


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Adding a newsletter to their promotional plan would assist in keeping their regular visitors or inquiring guests in the know. Sending promotions by emails can easily attract many people to flock your attraction.
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Reciprocal Programs

By joining the Ontario Attractions Reciprocal program they are opening up pathways for people to visit them. This could give deals to other attractions and there employees, deals to teachers and educators, which can help spread the word of their business and products, and bring them profit.
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This is similar to a slogan. It gives the consumer another saying to recognize. This will spark trends and lead to a greater awareness for their products.
TO Zoo Commercial


This is a promotional video that i have created using clips from the zoo that I work at. It is very distinct in the way it was made. It takes short clips that do not really say much and pairs it with bold and positive music. The goal of these clips are to ensure people feel good while watching and the short clips do not give away the full story. The clips aren't complete and it leaves the viewer interested in learning more. They will then be inclined to visit The Zoo in order to find out all the details. This will be a much different change from the Toronto Zoo building on that fun and more entertaining brand model I want to reposition it to be.
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**Disclaimer: This report is in no direct relation or affiliation with the Toronto Zoo.