"It's not about you as a teacher; it's about your students."

Assesments as tools

Assessments shouldn't be seen as a reflection of who we are as educators, they should be used to show us where our students are in the learning process.

Why Assessments? What is the value? What if you don't "believe in" the tool used? Questions, anyone?

We use assessments to find out if our students are able to understand the information that is being presented to them. There is great value in knowing if the information being taught will be of use to them in future lessons and in life. If a student has a learning disability that is not profound, we may not catch it without assessments. Without assessments we might not know a child has dyslexia or processing issues for many years.
All assessment tools have been developed for a reason. If you are unsure or have an tool you are uncomfortable with you need to question your team as to why. There is normally a reason. If you feel that there needs to be change, be that change. Come to the table with a solution not just a complaint. Bring options of other tools that might be used in the place of the one being used. The one thing you must not do is, nothing! Be an advocate for your students. This includes utilizing, developing, and discussing with peers the best course of action for the students.
If you don't understand, remember you are a learner too! They only way you will be effective is if you understand the purpose and how to utilize the assessment tools you are using. We as educators do not have all the answers, that is what will take us from being good to great. Model a hunger to question, investigate, create and grow.

Failure is just a step towards SUCCESS!

In the past I have not utilized assessments to the greatest potential. I have been more of an interactive lecturer. I am working everyday to be the educator that inspires children and adults for that matter, to thirst for knowledge. I want to plant seeds of inquiry that lead to growth. I will use assessment tools to meet each of my students where they are so that I can lead them down a path that will suit their needs.