1st Grade News

Mrs. Reichers' Class

October 14, 2016

Happy Friday!

At the end of the day, today, we had an All School Fire Safety Assembly... Fire Fighters from The Brewster Fire Station were our visitors! Along with the tips and tools they showed us we also went over our safety tips in class with the use of Scholastic News. Students have been encouraged to create a safety plan with their family, in case of an emergency, if there is not already one in place!

Reacing & Writing

All week long we incorporate writing into many things we do...writing is a skill that can be most challenging, and takes a lot of practice. As I mentioned at open house, the first grade goal is for each student to write a five sentence paragraph in 4 genres, imaginative narrative, personal narrative, informational, and opinion! This is a huge job...I like to take things slow with our writing and really work on all skills that go into a great first grade paragraph.

During this first term I am exposing the students to all genres, both in reading and writing. When we read we talk about the kinds of things the author does and says, and the author's purpose. This helps with our own ideas and purpose for writing. This term also includes working on just one sentence, but a MASTERPIECE sentence. These sentences include the who, what, where, when, and why when possible, also descriptive adjectives and language (Fancy Nancy words). We really focus on WHAT a topic sentence actually is... an introduction to the reader, NO details! This can be really challenging for first grader because, they sure do remember those details, and it can be hard to not include them right away!

I am happy to say that we are already building our writing portfolios and already seeing growth, each student is up for the challenges in writing!


Math CHALLENGED us all this week! We are at the beginning of fact families... We used number bonds, equations, and manipulatives to find all of the ways to manipulate the number 6. This was our first intro into SUBTRACTION. It happened very organically, which is always the best way. Students spent a lot of time talking with a partner to figure out how to come up with 2 to 4 math sentences (equations) with the fact families of 6.

Happy & Healthy

Many of our mindfulness practices this week are centering around GRATITUDE! Keeping a positive mindset can really help our brains grow. We discussed things, people, and places that we are grateful and thankful for.

We used one of our Autumn creatures to come up with things in 1st grade that we are "Nuts about..."(gratitude)! Every student could come up with more than one thing that's making them feel joy and pride when they are in school!

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  • Curriculum Night Wednesday, 10/19
  • Book Order Due 21st
  • Light sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket for recess
  • Please return bubbleope every day, with signed homework log
  • Lunch money in a bag with name on it
  • All notes in home folder
  • Healthy snack every day (no nuts)

Guest Reader!

Thank you to Mr. Yerks, (Myles' Dad) for being our Friday Guest Reader... He read, "The Book with No Pictures" by BJ Novak! This book and Mr. Yerkes had everyone laughing out loud!
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