Southeast Asia

By Joe Gamm, Reece Hooker, and Liz Pitz


Southeast Asia is located right between the countries of China and India. Southeast Asia has two different regions to it. The main land region includes the countries of Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and part of Malaysia. The second region consists of more than 20,000 islands including Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines.


Trading in Southeast Asia relied mainly on Monsoons (seasonal winds) in the southern seas. Traders headed northeast in the summer and southwest in the winter. Merchants kept their ships in the harbors of Southeast Asia in between monsoon seasons, where they continued trading their goods. This led to a large international trading network being made between India, Southeast Asia, China, East Africa, and the Middle East. The main products for trading in Southeast Asia were many varieties of spices.

Southeast Asia's top geographical landmarks

Early Culture

Southeast Asia had some of their own cultures before the Indian and Chinese influence. In the early times of Southeast Asia was home to diverse ethnic groups who spoke many different languages. The people of Southeast Asia followed their religion that was unique to them and lived in their own isolated villages. Families were built towards the central nuclear family rather than the extended family.Women also had greater equality than any other place.

Influenced Culture

Southeast Asia has India influenced cultures and also has Chinese influenced cultures. The Indian influence came up about from trading and also other Indians settling in Southeast Asia.The Indian influence gave Southeast Asia the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and even Islam. The Indian influence outweighed the Chinese influence. The Chinese helped with military and the production of rice.

Ancient VS Modern Southeast Asia

Ancient Southeast Asia and modern Southeast Asia are similar yet very different. Ancient Southeast Asia had been divided into kingdoms and dynasties. The environment was different, had more animals and forest before deforestation and uncontrolled hunting. Electricity changes the way things are, too, but not all places have the electricity we do. Where my dad, a soldier who was stationed in Cambodia, had realized that the area he was staying in had generators that ran 3 hours a day was all the electricity they have. They still ride pet elephants up and down the streets, though, that hasn't changed. Another difference is government. The government varies from country to country such as Indonesia being Republican and Laos being communist. There are many more differences and similarities but these were to name a few.

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