Titan Times Newsletter

Springwater Trail High School - February 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Springwater community,

We are already half-way through the school year! I want to give a shout out to the hard work of students, families, and staff the past 18 weeks. This is especially true for our 9th graders who are still acclimating to high school and continuing to build the skills necessary for success in school and life.

Our students continue to be involved in activities beyond the classroom. Today, Ms. Kruse's art students travelled to Hogan Cedars to meet young artists who submitted monster artwork to our school. Our students, in turn, created clay recreations inspired by the Hogan Cedar students. Check out the wonderful pictures of the artwork on our Facebook page!

Next Thursday, February 13th, our entire school will be heading down to Portland Center Stage to watch School Girls; Or The African Mean Girls Play. Please click here for more information about the play. The play is part of Portland Center Stage's School matinee offerings for the 19-20 school year. The play is recommended for students in grades 8-12.

Our next school dance is Friday, February 21st. Tickets and guest permission slips are available in the office.

February also marks the beginning of our student recruitment. We hosted 8th graders from Clear Creek middle school yesterday. Our World Music program and student ambassadors will be visiting Gordon Russell, West Orient, Deep Creek-Damascus, and Dexter McCarty Middle Schools next week.

The evening of Thursday, February 13th is our annual open house. Please help us spread the word to families of 8th graders if they are interested in learning more about Springwater Trail High School.

First semester grades were mailed out this week. You should be receiving them in the mail shortly. Semester grades are also visible in StudentVue/ParentVue. Please continue to reach out to your student's teachers or the main office if you have questions or concerns.


Ryan Blaszak

Clubs at STHS

Below is a list of Clubs at STHS. Encourage your student to get involved!

Fandoms Club: Tuesdays after school

The Debate Club: Mondays during lunch

Art Club: Mondays after school

Anime Club: Thursdays during lunch

GSA: Fridays during lunch

Choir: Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays after school

Drama Club: Mondays & Wednesdays after school

Literature Club: Thursdays after school

Bey-Blade Club: Wednesdays during lunch

Weight Lifting: Wednesdays during lunch

Strategic Game Club: Wednesdays during lunch

School Climate Survey

This year the Gresham-Barlow School District is partnering with families to better understand the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) needs of our students. SEL refers to mindsets, skills, attitudes, and feelings that help students succeed in school, career, and life. In order to learn more about student experiences specifically at their school, we will be asking students in grades 3-12 to provide feedback via an online survey they will complete at school sometime between February 18-28. The survey should take about 20-30 minutes to complete and will be available in Spanish, Russian and English. Please know that all student responses will be completely confidential. This feedback will provide valuable insights as we look to improve our practices and the learning experience for every student.

If you have questions about the survey or about the steps the Gresham-Barlow School District is taking to support the Social-Emotional Learning of every student, please contact Tim Collins, Director of Research, Assessment and Evaluation at the District Office (503-258-4753). Thank you for your ongoing support of your student(s) and our district!

Safe Routes To School

over the last 18 months, there has been a great deal of work done regarding school safety. The bond work, updating safety protocols, reunification practice, flight team use, a new common response protocol was introduced, and a myriad of other things have been accomplished

Below is a link to the Safety Page on the District home page under Departments.

What is Community Immunity?

Community Immunity is when the majority of a community is vaccinated and able to protect those who are unvaccinated. When most people are immunized, diseases can’t spread as easily. This protects the few among us who are not immune.

It is important that those of us who can receive vaccines do so in order to protect those who cannot. Among the unvaccinated are people whom we know and love! Babies, who are too young to be immunized, people with weak immune systems due to disease or medical treatments like chemotherapy; pregnant women; senior citizens; and anyone allergic to a vaccine.

Depending on the disease, about 80% to 90% of people in our community must be vaccinated to shield the people most at risk. In some of our Oregon schools, only about 20% to 60% of school children are fully vaccinated.

Per Oregon law children whose immunization records are not current by February 19th, 2020 will not be able to attend school until their information is up to date. If your child’s immunization records are incomplete you can get your child vaccinated before the deadline by making an appointment at

Centennial High School

3505 SE 182nd Ave



Coronavirus Communication

Below is a link to information about the Coronavirus from MESD

Latino Parent Night

Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Time: 6pm - 7pm

Location: Springwater Trail High School
1440 SE Fleming Ave
Gresham, OR 97080


  • Free dinner - Pizza!

  • Hear from your students about what they are doing in their classes

  • Celebrate your student - student award ceremony

  • Get your son or daughter's official transcript

  • Presentations from the Center for Advanced Learning and Middle College

Please RSVP at Springwater Trail High School’s main office 503-261-4600 with Erin Norden, Attendance Secretary.

Smarter Balanced Assessment: Mandatory State Testing for Juniors!


Practice Test: Tuesday, February 18th with Elsberry

Date: Wednesday, February 19th - Friday, February 21st

Time: 6th and 7th period (12:45- 2:30 pm)

Where: In the computer lab with Ms. Centurion/ Mrs. Moline


Practice Test: Monday, March 2nd

Dates Monday, March 2nd - Friday, March 6th

Time: 1st and 2nd periods ( 7:35 - 9:20)

Where: In the computer lab with Ms. Centurion/ Mrs. Moline


Practice Test: Monday, April 27th

Date: Monday, April 27th - Friday, May 1st

Time: 5th, 6th and 7th period (11:50- 2:30 pm)

Where: Computer lab with Ms. Centurion/Mrs. Moline

Senior Baby Photos

SENIOR PARENTS! Yearbook is starting to collect your adorable baby photos for graduation. Please submit 4 - 6 of your favorite photos to Mrs. Weber before February 11th. Photos can be submitted physically or digitally, but please do not turn in photos of photos (those cannot be used). If you have any questions ask Mrs. Weber at Weber18 @gresham.k12.or.us.

How is my student doing?

· The best place to check how your student is doing is Google Classroom. You can even download the Google Classroom app for your phone.

· I would recommend sitting down with your student and have them open up their Google Classroom account for you. The login is their school email and their student ID number is the password.

· Once you have signed into their account, select the class you want. Next, click the “Classwork” tab, and then click on the "View your work" icon.

· There you can see a list of all assignments, due dates, task scores and the current overall percentage for the class. You can also see if they turned it in on time or not.

How can my student improve their grade?

· One thing that helps students is be sure they "turn in" assignments by clicking the "Turn in" button in Google Classroom.

· Students should also be sure to turn assignments in, before the due date and time.

Attention Fred Meyer Shoppers!

Springwater Trail High School is enrolled in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program! Please link your Fred Meyer rewards card with our nonprofit number MU443. Fred Meyers will donate a percentage of your purchases every quarter to our program. This will NOT affect your reward points or fuel points. Last quarter we received $64.66, every little bit helps. This program helps pay for transportation to allow our students to attend events in the community. Below is the link to sign up.


Academic Support Monday - Thursday

Additional academic support is available at Springwater Trail High School, on Monday - Thursday from 2:30pm-3:30pm. This additional time will allow students to utilize school resources such as the library and student computers for homework, studying, reading, etc.

Transportation route home at 3:30 is available but students MUST sign up in the office to ride the bus. Below is the route of the 3:30 activity bus. If you have questions regarding after school support, please call the office at 503.261.4600.

3:37pm Hollydale ES

3:41pm Gresham HS - 1200 N Main Ave

3:43pm North Gresham ES

3:46pm Highland ES

3:50pm Hall ES

3:57pm Powell Valley ES

4:01pm Kelly Creek ES

4:09pm Thompson Fruit Stand - Corner 242 & Bohna Park

4:10pm Lewis & Clark Montesorri

4:14pm Safeway Parking Lot

February Student Spotlight

Checking In With Our Graduates