Holifield Happenings

December 4, 2014

Upcoming Events

Dec. 9 (Tues) - Math MAP test (10:00)

Dec. 11 (Thurs) - 2nd/3rd Escolares Musical (6:30)

Dec. 12 (Fri) - 2nd/3rd Escolares Musical (1:30) & SS Test

Dec. 18 (Thurs) - Last day to turn in hands for Party Rock & Science Test

Dec. 19 (Fri) - Party Rock & Holiday Sing-a-long

Dec. 22 (Mon) - Jan. 2 (Fri) - Winter Break

Jan. 5 (Mon) - Return to school; Science Fair projects due

Life Skill of the Month

In December, we are reviewing the Life Skills that we have covered thus far. I will be looking for students that display Organization, Cooperation, Assertion, & Responsibility throughout the week. One student will be chosen each week. In addition to a certificate, that child will be entered into a drawing to earn a slushy from the cafeteria. They will also earn the right to wear the Hero cape from our classroom around the school for the next week.


Many of your children have memorized the formula for finding the volume of a prism. However, this week has shown that they haven't completely grasped what that represents. We have been "playing" with connecting cubes to build packages to fit various boxes.


Please make sure your child is working on ALEKS for at least 30 minutes each week at home.

Social Studies & Science

We will finish up the Age of Exploration this week in Social Studies. I am hoping to have the test on Friday. Your child might benefit from creating note cards as they review the different explorers.

We have begun our study of Astronomy and will have the end-of-unit assessment on Thursday, December 18th.