Cryonics is the practice of deep-freezing bodies of those who have died of an incurable disease in result for a possible future cure. This technique was first proposed in 1962 by Michigan college physics teacher, Robert Ettinger. The reason for this breakthrough is because physicians believed that freezing people may be a way to reach future medical technology. It is to be used in space travel, and mostly in California and Arizona. However, physicians have to have permission from the victims family to make this label.
PLUS:Life insurance and various forms of trusts can be used to fund this practice.Allows Alcor and other cryonics companies to use the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) to obtain legal custody of the patients human remains.Hospitals and medical personnel are used to the paperwork involved in whole body donations, and to the requirement for rapid release of the body to the donee.DELTA:Ice is damaging to tissues.It is not possible to revive a person who has been vitrified.People imagining waking up in the future with no friends or family.


I suspend the use of further research and development of this scientific method, simply because no human can revive a species once it has been deceased. I feel that this is a quick "get rich" scheme used by physicians in order to con the families of the dead. However, this method is reliable for researching stored brain cells, tissues, organs and diseases.