Farmer's Wife arrested

For Crimes Against the Three Blind Mice


The Farmer's wife was arrested late Thursday evening for criminal charges. She was charged for assaulting the Three Blind Mice with a carver's knife. Police say that the indictment was made after the Three Blind Mice appeared at the hospital without their tails, and a Grand Jury looked over the case, early Thursday morning. Considering all things, the wife cutting of the Three Blind Mice's tails could be classified as a misdemeanor. The arraignment occurred early Friday morning; the farmer's wife would not accept the plea bargain of guilty. The judge set the wife's bail at $1,000, and the trial was set for Tuesday afternoon.

Three Blind Mice Filed Charges!

The Trial

Tuesday afternoon, the prosecution, the Three Blind Mice, were able to appear in court despite their injuries. The defendant was brought into the courtroom followed by her public defender and her husband. Once the trial started, the farmer, who had been subpoenaed as a key witness in the case, was called to the stand. Halfway through his testimony, the farmer was found guilty of perjury. While under oath, the farmer lied about seeing his wife use a carver's knife earlier on the day of the crime. The trial continued on; around 5 in the afternoon, the petit jury left the courtroom to go deliberate the case. The jury was back with a verdict within 30 minutes. The jury convicted the farmer's wife of assault with a deadly weapon.

The farmer and his wife have stated that they are seeking to have the case appealed.