Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney

How It Worked!

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How it Worked: Video

**The video shows details about the hand-cleaning of the cotton and it also shows things about the Cotton Gin!**

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***Cotton Info!***

  • Cotton plants contained seeds that were difficult to separate from the soft fibers.
  • Most of the cotton farmers were forced to grow the more labor-intensive short staple cotton.
  • The short staple cotton had to be cleaned by hand, one plant at a time.
  • The average cotton picker could remove the seeds from only about one pound of short-staple cotton per day.


The cotton costed $60 plus $40 for shipping...


  1. Cotton Gin- A machine that removes seeds from short staple cotton!
  2. The term "Gin" is short for "Engine!"
  3. Eli Whitney invented the Gin in 1794.
  4. By 1850 this tool had changed the face of southern agriculture!