Preventative Care

Mikayla LaBee

Screenings and Exams

An exam that many women have is a breast exam, otherwise known as a mammogram. A mammogram is used to be able to find lumps in the breast of women that can cause breast cancer. A mammogram is for females 47-74.

Another exam is for men, and its called a prostate exam. This is an exam in which the male or female has to get their butt checked out for the same things as a mammogram, checking for lumps. These lumps could also be the same for possible cancer. These should be done at ages 40-75.

Another is a pap smear which can identify infections and other problems, including abnormal cells that may develop into cancer. These should be done in their twenties. Women get these rather than men

The last one is testicular exam for males. This exam is typically done, from a direct definition from google, "Use both hands to gently roll each testicle (with slight pressure) between your fingers." This should usually be done starting at the age of 15 to check for lumps that could be cancer.