Pathway to Platinum

Agreements to support success

If you are receiving this it is because you have been offered an invitation to step into a higher level of partnership with those who enrolled you in Doterra. Pathway to Platinum is designed to accelerate your rate of growth, income and maintain healthy agreements with you and your team as we build our business's together. We ask that before we begin our partnership together, you agree and sign your consent to the following agreements.
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First Agreement: Reaching the rank of Platinum

Pathway to Platinum agreements are designed to help you reach the leadership ranks of Silver, Gold and Finally Platinum. Of course at that point you will be already heading for diamond! We are asking that in order to partner and build together you are inspired to reach the leadership rank of platinum.

Reaching the rank of Platinum in dōTERRA is a process and it does not happen over night. It means that you have three silver ranked wellness advocates. Silver rank is achieved by having 3 wellness advocates who each have a volume monthly of 3000PV.

You will be participating in certain activities (outlined below) to reach each rank.

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Second Agreement: Work Towards and Maintain your $50 and $250 bonus and your monthly Loyalty Rewards order:

You are agreeing to:

1. Maintain your monthly Loyalty Rewards order which is your personal investment every month of at least 100PV. Your template must never be left below this amount or you will miss out on commissions. If at any point or in an emergency you cannot continue your order you MUST contact your upline right away to find a solution.

2. You are agreeing to get your $50 bonus and help you builders earn theirs. The volume of you and your first line will need to accumulate to 600PV to earn your 50$ bonus. Your personal monthly order will very depending on how far away you are from 600PV.

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Third Agreement: Participate in a weekly training:

1. We are asking that you are listening to a speaker of your choice every week for their power call by calling in live or listening to their archive of recordings. By participating every week you are SURE to build the confidence needed to rank advance.

2. We also ask you to begin right away the success challenge training program which guides you week by week in exactly what to do for your business.

Here are some options, click the links below and find which you like the best:

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Fourth Agreement: Personal Development

We are asking that you consider it part of your job to develop your passions and higher purposes. This means take art classes, see your friends, become someone in your community who refers other professionals (without necessarily trying to sell them something). If you are shy or insecure or need to meet more people we ask that you take a personal development course to burst out of those habits or listen to great thinkers of our time who can infuse you with inspiration.

It's not about hunting down everyone you know to sell to them, but instead becoming active in your community and building lasting relationships. We are not a recruiting business. Trust me!

We are asking that you agree to a positive mindset and that your main focus be to help others. Competition and arguments are not necessary. In dōTERRA we are a volunteer army.

Secret To Doterra- Mindset

Fifth Agreement: LIVE, SHARE, LEAD, BUILD.

There is an image below which you will find helpful for this agreement. In order to become platinum as fast as possible you will need to do ALL of these steps, every week, every month, not just some.

1. Live: Know the product, use the product, create goals

2. Share: Map out a plan to share the products, guide and support others, invite others to learn about dōTERRA.

3. Build: teach/present dōTERRA, enroll and answer questions, follow up with all your contacts.

4. Lead: Strategy of structuring and mentoring, nurture your people!

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Sixth Agreement: Don't give up in your first year and never quit on a bad day!!

Bad days happen but they will pass. I have walked this path and I know that some days I felt it just wasn't working or that a certain person was unteachable. On a rare occasion relationships can be very tricky to navigate also and having any kind of disagreement can be wearing on the soul. We are in the business of working with people and you will learn to be a master people person on this journey.

In network marketing, some say if you can stick through the first year you are sure to find success. You income will dramatically change with further progress as well. We are asking that you let us help you move through blocks that come up and never give up on a bad day.

If you do give up, there is an exit plan which is why we have agreements and we would ask that you sign your account over to someone who can continue building in partnership.

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Seventh Agreement: Come to live classes and convention!

We learn by experiencing. Gathering with others is key to learning, sharing and enrolling. We ask that you participate and come to your local team classes as well as commit to coming to the yearly convention.

A word about convention, it's amazing! This is the most important yearly training we are asking you to commit to. It requires a trip to Salt Lake City and will single handedly propel your business towards success. Save the date for 2015 Convention Sep 9-12th.

Final Step! Creating our partnership and signing onto Pathway to Platinum:

As business partners we will be working to build one another's business for a lifetime! Did you know your dōTERRA business can be inherited even after you are gone!

We will be sharing contacts, leads and offering one another our time, energy and resources. At some point in growing to Platinum your upline and you and your team will have to navigate generosity and trust as well as signing your enrollments over to your team sponsors so that they may rank advance. Because of this we ask that you sign your consent to the agreements above after thoughtful consideration and that you agree fully to signing your account over if you can no longer commit to our agreement.

Please sign the attached document for our records indicating your consent to this Pathway to Platinum Agreement and return to your mentor/upline.

Welcome to our dōTERRA Family!

Hi! I am dōTERRA Silver Wellness Advocate Meg Harlow and I am so pleased to have you join us! I am honored to share this journey with you! Your upline mentor or myself with any questions, we are very happy to support you along this incredible journey!