Imprisonment Camps in North Korea

See what really goes on inside North Korea

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People in these imprisonment camps are forced to eat human flesh that has fallen off the dead bodies. They are forced to eat grass or nothing at all. Imagine if you or one of your family members were in one of these camps. Imagine if you spouse, son, or daughter were killed in one of these camps because of being starved to death. Just let that soak in then tell me if we should just let these camps go.

All about the imprisonment camps

Have you heard about the imprisonment camps in North Korea? Did you know that inside these camps people are raped, murdered, have forced abortions and other forms of sexual abuse, starved, tortured, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, enslavement, extermination, and forcible transfer of poplutaions. Can you imagine you or a family member being stuck in one of these camps.

Cruelty upon children

One guard that uses to work inside on of these camps said that innocent school children would be attacked by wild dogs then buried alive. Why?! I mean just why would anyone do that to innocent children?!

Sexual Assault

How would you feel if your innocent little girl was taken to one of these camps raped, became pregnant, just for them to force her to have a miscarriage, just to be raped again and for the whole process to start over again. I'll answer for you, you wouldn't feel very good about it. You would feel horrible that your little girl was put through all this trauma when you might not even get to see her again, because they put her through all this just to murder her in the end.

Spreading the Word

After reading my above information on these camps, now is were you come in hand. I need you to take this information and spread it like a wildfire. To get as much attention brought to this situation as possible. To give North Korea all the attention that they don't want. We need to make sure that the world is aware of this and we need this to stop. Now.