Lakes Ledger

Volume 2 - Byram Lakes Elementary School - October 2022

Upcoming Dates

September 28th: First Day of BLES Fit Club - 3:45pm-4:45pm

September 29th: Coffee & Pastries with the PTA (details below) - 7:30pm-8:30pm

October 3rd - October 7th: Week of Respect (details below)

October 7th: Porch Sign Painting with the PTA (details below) - 6:30pm-9:30pm

October 10th: School Closed for Students: Staff In-service

October 19th: Byram PTA Dine to Donate at Stonewood Tavern (details below)

October 21st: Byram-A-Blaze Trunk or Treat (details below) - 5:30pm-8:00pm

October 26th: Board of Education meeting

October 31st: Halloween Parade (More information to follow)

A Message from the Principal

Hello Byram Lakes students and families!

It's hard to believe, but we are already almost a month into school! It's been a great month - in my time in classrooms and lunchrooms I've seen students get right back into the swing of school. We've already seen growth from many of our students both academically and socially. The first month of school is always an exciting one, and it's been great to see our students and teachers come back with passion and excitement!

Thank you to our parents as we worked to get some things ironed out early in the year, including our bussing systems, pick up and drop off routines, and of course the water issue that gave everyone a one-day reminder of summer during our first week. All of these things are on track now, and I look forward to working with you and our staff to continue to improve all our systems as we move through the school year.

Back to School Night was a great success! Thank you to all the parents who came out; it really takes a true partnership between home and school to ensure student success. Thank you also to any parents who filled in the BTSN feedback survey. If you haven't had a chance to do so, please provide us with your take on how Back to School Night went here.

Please enjoy this edition of the Lakes Ledger. Included:

A Look Back

A Look Ahead

PTA Corner

Extra! Extra!

Let's make October another FANTASTIC month at Byram Lakes Elementary School!

Pete Morris

A Look Back

First Day of School

The first day of school is always one of the best days of the year! Students were thrilled to be back at Byram Lakes; seeing old friends and teachers as well as making new connections. Our teachers worked hard to be ready for day one, and everyone was so excited to get back to business.
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One of the best parts about coming back to school is of course...recess! When the weather is nice, students get to go out and play. We believe in the importance of play as a way for our students to get exercise, practice good decision making and fairness, learn social skills, and allow their personalities to continue to shine and develop. Play on!
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Procedure & Routine

Learning procedures and routines is one of the most critical steps to building a successful classroom for our students. It provides them a foundation on which to grow! Mrs. Andrews' class spent some time in September practicing their procedures to give the students a great basis for learning.

Learning Centers

Many of our classrooms utilize learning centers, and approach that allows students to explore content and concepts from multiple perspectives. Mrs. Meola's class used this strategy to explore addition using games, group discussion, technology, and more!
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Kindergarten - Welcome to School!

Many of our kindergartners are in school for the very first time! They've spent September learning about how to be students, making new friends, listening to teachers, and expressing themselves. The energy is abundant!
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Engineering Design Process

Students are SO excited to work with Mrs. Poff in our STEAM Lab this year! 2nd grade is starting the year off by learning about the Engineering Design Process. The students will use these skills this year as they Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Experiment, Improve, and Share their results during their STEAM sessions
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A Look Ahead


Attendance is crucial to our childrens' success in school! Please take a look at our district's Attendance Policy here. In accordance with our district attendance policy, we will be notifying home as students accumulate unexcused absences. Notification processes are as follows:

4 absences/tardies: letter home about the importance of attendance generated (Truancy Officer)

8 absences/tardies:second letter home with importance of attendance, and warning of what will happen if absences/tardies increase (Truancy Officer)

12 unexcused absences/tardies: mandatory meeting to develop an Attendance Improvement Plan (RTI Coordinator)

18 absences/tardies: possible referral to truancy court (Administrator)

In order to avoid an unexcused absence, please send in a doctor's note or other documentation providing an excused reason for the absence. The regulation on absence classification can be found here. If you have doctor's notes or documentation for any school days already missed, please send those in to our main office as soon as possible.

Parent Volunteers

Are you interested in helping out in your child's classroom, the library, or otherwise within the school? Please let your child's teacher know that you would have interest in being a parent volunteer! Remember, you must be a member of the PTA to volunteer in the school. We often have many parents who volunteer, so we will do our best to incorporate all volunteers, but I appreciate your understanding if our volunteer availability fills up.

Week of Respect

Join us in our celebration of the Week of Respect at Byram Lakes!

Monday October 3rd - Blue Shirt Day - World Bullying Awareness Day

Wear Blue to help STOMP out bullying

Tuesday October 4th - Pajama Day - Put Bullying to Bed!

Wear your favorite pajamas

Wednesday October 5th - Wacky Hair Day

Be unique and sport your wackiest hair style

Thursday October 6th - United We Stand to stop Bullying

Wear your school spirit or favorite team jersey

Friday October 7th - Hero Day

Help. Encourage. Respect Others - Dress like a superhero


Halloween is coming up! As always, we will be celebrating Halloween with a parade around the school on Monday, October 31st. We cannot wait to see our students dress up in their Halloween best! The parade will be weather permitting, and more information will follow as we get closer to Halloween.

Weather Changes

Brrrr.. it was chilly outside on Friday! I guess summer's over! As the weather starts to cool, please make sure you send your children in with jackets as appropriate. As long as the weather is nice and it is not at a freezing temperature outside, we'll be going out for recess.

Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal Routines operate on the following start and end times for school:

Start Time: 8:45

End Time: 3:43

If your child takes the bus, please be sure that you arrive to your bus stop at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled time and be prepared to wait in case the bus is delayed for any reason.

If you drive your child to school and/or pick them up from school, you will enter through the Byram Intermediate School parking lot. For pickup, please do not arrive to get in line any earlier than 2:30pm. You will move up through the lane as students are picked up or dropped off. Students will be dropped off at the sidewalk that leads to the Byram Lakes school. School staff will be guiding cars and students, and positioned along the sidewalk to ensure that all students are able to get to and from the building safely. If you have your laminated signs with your last name from last year, please continue to use it. If you were not here last year or you no longer have the one given to you, you will be provided with one to use this year.

Pickup Patrol

The Byram Township School District utilizes Pick Up Patrol to ensure that all students arrive to school and return home safely. This system allows parents to input the mode by which their child(ren) will return home at the end of the school day. Options for dismissal include pick up or school bus. Parents can set a default plan to notify their child's teacher of how they will be going home each day. Should that default need to be changed on a given day, it is the parent's responsibility to log in and update the day with a "Plan Change." This will notify the teacher that the student will not be following the normal dismissal plan and can then inform the student of the plan change for that day. If you need to change your child's plan for the day, you will need to do so no later than 3:05 pm.

Please click here for an informational flyer that will explain more.


SchoolMessenger Communicate is the platform that we use at BTSD to get messages out to our parents through phone and email. With this platform we are required to receive your permission to send you text messages before you can be added to our text alerts list. To do this, you will need to opt-in to use this service. Opting-in is only required to receive text message alerts, your choice to opt-in or not will not affect receiving email and phone alerts.

In order to opt-in:

  • If you already have a mobile phone number in our system attached to your contact card and you wish to opt-in, you may send a text message to 67587 with Y or Yes in the text message at any time. Doing so will opt you in to receive text alerts after we complete the migration.

Click here for an informational flier with more information as well as a QR Code that you can scan to assist you with opting in as well.

If you do not opt-in using one of the methods provided above, you will not receive any text alerts from the school after we migrate to the new system. You can also opt-out at any time by sending STOP to 67587, or by replying to a school alert with STOP in the message.

If you opted-in, but are finding that you are not receiving school alerts via text, this likely means we do not have your number in our system, or it is not correctly marked as a mobile number. Please contact the main office of your child’s school to have the contact number corrected, and marked as a mobile number.


Students have been loving our school lunches provided by Maschio's Food Services! Maschio's is committed to serving healthy and delicious food options to our students on a regular basis. Unlike last year, lunch will not be offered at no cost to students. Lunch options include a main course option, a bagel bag, and a muffin bag. All lunches include components of a well-rounded nutritional meal, such as a vegetable, a milk, and a cheese stick or yogurt for the bagged options. A student lunch costs $3.50.

Using their online portal, you can check out the upcoming menus for each month. You can also preload your child's account so that they have the funds to buy lunch. See the below links for more information. If your child buys lunch, it is very helpful if they know their PIN to ensure a quick buying process and more time to eat. Your child's lunch pin is the last four digits of their Student ID number.

Maschio's Welcome Back Letter

Byram Food Services

Maschio's Menus

If your child charges lunch and you have not yet added funds, you will be receiving notices from me to fund your account.

A message from the Board Office:

The school lunches are not free anymore unless you qualify through the free and reduced application process.The income guidelines have changed so if you didn't qualify in the past you may qualify now. Please complete an application and send it in an envelope to the Byram Board of Education office.Those families that qualify for reduced lunch will get it free this year under a state subsidy.The applications can be found on the Byram School website under the students tab and food service tab.

COVID Procedures

If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please inform the school as soon as possible. As per state guidance, your child will need to remain out of school for 5 days. At that point you and your child will have the option of what to do for the next five days: either returning to school in person with a mask OR staying out.

Work will be provided by the teachers in grades K-2. Please communicate with your child's teacher as to when to pick up hard copies of assignments. Instruction will be provided synchronously through a Google Meet in grades 3 and 4, as it was last year.

There will be no letters sent home for positive cases this year. If your child isn't feeling well, play it safe and keep them home.

Masks are optional for all staff and students.

PTA Corner

A huge THANK YOU to the Byram PTA, as they continue to work so hard to provide some excellent opportunities for our students and families. Remember, if you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please Please check out this section to see what they've got going on. See below for flyers on some exciting upcoming events! Click on the flyer images for a larger version.

Check out the PTA MemberHub here to sign up, and the Facebook page here.

The PTA is always looking for volunteers, please contact them at

Here’s your 2022-2023 Byram PTA Board Members:

President Marla Rodriguez

Vice President Ana Lavrador

Secretary Oriana Strohmeyer

Treasurer Lindsey McBain

By-Laws Chair Patricia Trentanelli

Coffee and Pastries - 9/29

Parents, Grandparents, Guardians and Staff
Come learn about the benefits of joining and how you can make a difference in the Byram Community.

Please join us for coffee and pastries on Thursday September 29th 7:30-8:30pm while getting to know the members of the PTA. We will be discussing events we have planned; answer any questions you may have and share your ideas. We are always looking for volunteers any help you can give us is appreciated. We hope to see you there!

SEPTEMBER 29th 7:30-8:30pm
Byram Lakes Elementary School
12 Mansfield Drive
Byram, NJ
meeting will be located in the cafeteria

Porch Sign Painting - 10/7

Join us for a fun adults' night out!

Dine to Donate @ Stonewood Tavern - 10/19

Order from Stonewood and support the PTA!

Byram-A-Blaze Trunk or Treat - 10/21

Please sign up by clicking the link before if you would like to do a trunk, donate candy, or do pumpkin carving.

Chef It Up!

Order a fun Kids Cooking Kit and help support our PTA!

Extra! Extra!

Halloween Decorating Contest

Sponsored by the Byram Township Recreation Committee

Byram Township Community Hike

Sponsored by the Byram Township Recreation Committee

Byram Recreation Committee Survey

The Byram Township Mayor and Council would like your input about the future of township recreation programs and events. Please complete this short survey to give your feedback, it should only take three minutes.

Byram Lakes Building Calendar

See what events are happening at BLES on our building calendar.

Student Handbook

We've gone digital with our student/parent handbook! Check it out here.

Byram Apparel

Get your Byram spirit wear here! All kinds of great products are available this year.

Byram Sprit Wear Store Link

Music Room Notes

Check out what's happening in Mrs. Scaturo's music room! Includes information on 4th grade band and choir

What else?

Is there anything else you'd like to see/see more of in the Smore this year? Let me know!